Unlike other reputation management tools that only help you react to reviews once they’re posted online, Opiniion is proactive & fully-automated to collect feedback and drive online reviews where they matter most.

Their integration with Rent Manager is intuitive and sends customized review requests based on strategic events that leave residents most likely to post a review. Positive reviews are driven to Google, Facebook, Apartments.com, etc… while negative feedback is delivered to the management team in real-time. Opiniion also offers survey tools to help you target the right groups of residents, ask questions, and receive relevant feedback from your community.

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Automated & Intuitive Triggers

  • Opiniion's integration with Rent Manager allows it to run behind the scenes, sending review requests to residents shortly after they've had an experience with the property or onsite management team—capitalizing on the meaningful experiences that leave residents motivated to post a review.

Negative Feedback Delivered in Real-Time

  • Opiniion automatically notifies you when a resident indicates they've had a bad experience or needs help, giving you the ability to resolve concerns as they occur.

Targeted Surveys

  • Custom-designed surveys can be easily created and sent anytime to a targeted audience. While traditional surveys ask more and get less, Opiniion's surveys are designed to ask less and get more.

Dashboard Reporting & Analytics

  • Opiniion's dashboard is your reputation battle station that shows at a glance how you're faring online, helps you understand your biggest vulnerabilities, and gives transparency to what Opiniion is doing for you. Their reports give you data with actionable insights so you can make smart decisions to improve your business.

Visit the Opiniion website for more information.