Rent Manager Integrations Periodical February 2024

February 7, 2024


Vanessa Perry

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With PropTech constantly evolving to deliver value to the property management industry, Rent Manager is keeping pace by adding the most in-demand solutions to our Integrations Program. With more than 170 integrated providers to choose from, Rent Manager delivers one of the most diverse platforms in the industry.

Since our last Quarterly Integrations Periodical, we’ve added six new technology providers with six more on the horizon. Our newest tech partners manage water submeter systems, automate your locks, provide KPI tracking, and more.

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ABT Water Management’s services include the installation, monitoring, and maintenance of water submeter systems for manufactured housing and commercial properties. ABT represents all major brands of meters and radios and can recommend the ideal system for your unique situation.

Hum allows multifamily internet service providers to increase take rates, reduce acquisition costs, and differentiate their offerings in multi-dwelling units.

Mammoth Fob Systems integrates your property’s locks with Rent Manager, enabling users to assign fobs with a few clicks, cut access to amenities if rent is not paid on time, and create amenity reservations. Mammoth keeps your data and control in one centralized location.

RealSage offers a complete data intelligence solution for superior decision-making and real-time data analytics, while fully integrating with Rent Manager. RealSage also empowers real estate managers—with the use of artificial intelligence and data science—to make informed and expedient decisions about their portfolios.

REI Monitor collects your rental property data via its integration with Rent Manager and provides KPI tracking that allows you to see the success of your investments.

Visata imports your Rent Manager data and reports directly into Google Sheets so you can customize it, set up alerts and automatic refreshes, and so much more.

For more information about our extensive network of integrated technology providers, please visit our Integrations page.

If you’d like to work with Rent Manager to share your PropTech solutions with our users, please reach out to our Channel Partner team.

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