Utilizing Mass Communication Methods in Rent Manager

March 23, 2020


Sam Shannon

mass communication

As a property manager, concise communication with your tenants and team members is key. When the nature of your work unexpectedly shifts from face-to-face interactions to strictly digital communications, emails, texts, and phone calls become essential tools for keeping information flowing. By sending mass updates and utilizing scripting in your letters in Rent Manager, you don’t have to waste a moment locating each tenant’s phone number and email address, or updating “Dear ___,” in every letter you write. Developing a clear and consistent line of communication between property managers and tenants builds long-term trust and reduces stress in times of uncertainty.
Rent Manager is equipped to streamline every aspect of your workday—communication included. By adding a few crucial pieces of contact information to a tenant’s profile, you can ensure they’ll receive each pertinent update pertaining to your policies and units.

Send a Mass Email in Seconds

Emailing in mass directly from Rent Manager resolves the hassle that comes with jumping from the software to your email and back—everything you need is in one place. It’s a best practice to input each contact’s email address along with their phone number as soon as you create a profile for them in the system. By utilizing other software features like System Filters, you also have the ability to narrow down your contact list by Property and even Contact Type when sending out a mass distribution.

Text up to 250 Contacts at Once

When it comes to quick convenience, texting is often the easiest way to reach people nowadays. When you purchase Text Broadcasting through Rent Manager, you’re able to send mass distributions to as many as 250 contacts in a matter of seconds. The text will come from a generated phone number that the tenant can reply to, which will appear in Rent Manager’s Text Message Center. That means you no longer have to share your personal number, which helps establish a healthier work/life balance.

Send Out a Phone Broadcast

Rent Manager also lets you record audio messages and send them to contacts via Phone Broadcast. This effective tool allows you to compose outgoing voice messages to your Numbers List inside Rent Manager. Once recorded, you can send immediately or schedule a time for the broadcast. Those on the receiving end will hear the message the moment they pick up the phone or access their voicemail.

Leave the Snail Mail to Us

Printing letters, stuffing envelopes, and adding postage is a tedious, time-consuming process. But with Rent Manager’s Virtual Post Office (VPO), you can outsource that busy-but-necessary work to us! Preparing letters to be sent via VPO is similar setting up a mass email distribution in the system.

Another benefit of these built-in resources is the record of every email, text, phone broadcast, and VPO letter that is attached to each contact’s History Notes. Again, this eliminates the need to add comments contact-by-contact in order to keep track of what you shared, when you shared it, and who you shared it with.

These and other Rent Manager tools can help ensure your contacts stay informed while simultaneously de-stressing your communication processes. For more information on mass communication methods in Rent Manager, contact us at 800-669-0871 or sales@rentmanager.com.

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