Software That Adapts To Your Portfolio

Uniquely Customizable

Advanced Permission Controls
Determine which users or user roles can view, add, edit, or delete information in your Rent Manager database, and control which properties and financial institutions they have access to.
Custom Dashboards, Layouts, and Fields
Alter your dashboards, layouts, and User Defined Fields in Rent Manager to display valuable information and tailor it to effectively manage your operation. Customize your workspace to show your favorite pages and reports.
Open API
Rent Manager’s open application program interface (API) allows you to develop custom applications for your specific needs. It empowers you to truly custom-fit Rent Manager to your business, rather than adapting your business to fit the software.
Custom Reports
Using our Report Writer feature, you can produce new reports and modify existing ones to display information in the format you desire. These reports include functions and variables specific to Rent Manager, which can be personalized for you.

Software Perfectly Suited to Mixed Portfolios

Rent Manager’s advanced customization features provide the ideal solution for any industry and is a perfect fit for those who manage multiple asset types. Check out our customer story on Rookwood Properties to see how they use Rent Manager to innovate, invest, and improve their mixed portfolio for continued growth.

Ideal for portfolios of every size, Rent Manager is your key to an effective and efficient business.