Aptly: the CRM and workflow automation platform for Rent Manager customers looking to streamline their communication, automate routine tasks, and eliminate application fraud. Our bidirectional Rent Manager sync enables the automation of routine property management workflows, with task management to track relationship-building work for your site staff. Aptly provides insights into what your team’s working on, enabling them to deliver next-level customer service to clients and tenants.

Fuel Growth With Streamlined Communication, Automated Tasks, & Fraud Prevention

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Automate Routine Workflows

Aptly automates dozens of property management tasks, streamlining processes from initial touchpoints to move-outs.

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Omnichannel Inbox

Our inbox allows teammates to tag each other in email threads to collaborate seamlessly. Supporting voice, SMS, and email, our inbox increases visibility and efficient teamwork.

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Task Management
Aptly’s task management provides visibility into teamwork, allowing upper-level management and team members to stay informed and on the same page.
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Centralize Operations

No more bouncing between multiple apps to get work done. Aptly is the one platform that gives you everything you need to run your business, all in one place.

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Eliminate Application Fraud

Aptly’s screening solutions, including instant ID, income, credit, and bank verification virtually eliminate fraud using advanced AI.

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Focus On Growth

With Aptly’s solutions, your team gets time back to focus on nurturing relationships, growing your door count, and providing top-notch client service.

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