Citizen Home Solutions

Citizen Home Solutions

Taking utility connection off your list—Citizen Home Solutions was designed to help connect, transfer, or setup utilities for your tenants. They allow you to disconnect from the hassles of utility connection management and provide your tenant a great onboarding experience.

Citizen Home Solutions’ basic services of providing water, electric, and gas are free to both the property manager and tenant.  However, their solution helps turn utilities into a revenue generator for property managers when additional services are sold to tenants such as internet, cable, satellite, security, and more!

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Tenants Set Up Utilities Faster

  • Citizen Home Solutions provides verbiage when tenants move in to inform them that they will be reaching out regarding utilities, helping to speed up the process.

Time Management

  • By outsourcing this area of your business, property managers save time on phone calls and emails from tenants regarding utilities.

Satellite Dishes

  • Citizen Home Solutions keeps satellite dishes off the roofs of your properties.

Customer Experience

  • Their team is focused on providing an awesome customer experience for both the tenant and property manager.

Visit the Citizen Home Solutions website for more information.