10 Ways to Give Thanks To Your Residents

November 13, 2023


Vanessa Perry

Woman looking thankful and holding her hands to her chest

In almost a week, many Americans will gather around food-filled tables with family and friends to celebrate Thanksgiving. As we enter this season of appreciation, it’s fitting to let everyone in our lives know we’re thankful for them. Here are some ways you can give thanks to the residents in your life.

Prepare a Welcome Basket

You want residents to feel appreciated as soon as they pick up the keys to their new home. So, imagine their reaction to receiving a basket filled with goodies as soon as they move-in? This simple gesture can include items such as snacks, toiletries, water bottles, pens, and a nice welcome note. A little goes a long way.

Respond in a Timely Manner

This is especially crucial for any maintenance issues and requests, questions, or concerns your tenants may have. Not only do they expect you to respond quickly, but your residents want you to be upfront about their situation. Responding a timely manner shows you care, you’re thankful that they are a part of your community, and want them to have a great resident experience.

Give Thanks by Remembering Special Occasions

Birthdays, holidays, and move-in dates all deserve to be celebrated! A simple card under your tenants’ door or in their mailbox acknowledging a special occasion or milestone goes a long way in showing you appreciate them for being a part of the community. Using Rent Manager’s User Defined Fields, you can keep track of all these important dates for your residents in one easy-to-find location.

Check In

An unexpected email or text that simply says “Hello! How are you?” shows you have a genuine interest in your renters’ well-being. Not only will they appreciate hearing from you but may be willing to provide you with valuable feedback about goings-on at your property. And with the communication tools in Rent Manager, this task is a piece of cake.

Keep Them Informed

Consistent communication is key for any successful relationship—personal or professional. In addition to check-ins, creating a monthly or quarterly newsletter is a great way to keep your residents in-the-know. Include important dates for them to be aware of, details about upcoming projects and improvements, and general information about the surrounding area. Your messages can be as formal or informal as you’d like—as long as they’re informative!

Give Thanks with Special Discounts

Everyone loves a deal, especially at their favorite spot. Surprise your residents with discounts at a few restaurants and businesses in the area. Typically, local establishments are eager to work with neighboring properties on discounts because it brings more customers in the door. You can share these discounts in the welcome basket for new residents or your tenant newsletter.

Host Resident Events

While hosting Thanksgiving or Friendsgiving get-togethers are obvious occasions to start with, community gatherings don’t need to be elaborate. An event as simple as inviting tenants to meet in the recreation room for coffee and conversation once a month can be a great step toward establishing connections. Either way, the engagement you have with your residents will be worth the effort. If you need help planning, here are several resident event ideas to take you through every season.

Consider Some Upgrades

A great way to give thanks to your tenants is by showing them appreciation with your actions. Making a few upgrades to their space is a sure way to keep your residents happy and at your property when it’s time to renew their lease. Whether it’s with smart-home technology additions, new appliances, or carpet and flooring, you can’t go wrong with this approach.

Ask Their Opinion

Why do they enjoy living in your community? Do they have any suggestions for improvements? What would they like to see that’s currently not available? These are just a few questions you can ask your tenants to engage with them and show you care about what they think. Make it easy for residents to give you feedback by creating custom polls that can be answered directly through Rent Manager’s Tenant Web Access portal.

Give Thanks with Money Toward Rent

As a property manager, you know life isn’t always easy for your tenants. Situations arise and you want to help, but are not always able. Well, here’s an opportunity for you to support someone in your community for the new year. Rent Manager is partnering again with Tenant Turner for its sixth-annual Open Doors program. This program selects five in-need residents to receive $1,500 each to put toward their January rent. If you know a deserving tenant who’s shown true resiliency this year, nominate them by December 8, 2023 for consideration in this giveaway.

For this holiday season and beyond, we hope these suggestions inspire you to give the gift of gratitude to your residents. Remember, it’s the thought that counts.

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