ICYMI: Rent Manager Release Notes Recap

March 29, 2023


Steven Salisbury

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The Rent Manager Development team continually creates new features to simplify your processes and help you build your business. In case you missed it, several new and exciting features have come to Rent Manager in the last few months—we’re recapping our most recent Release Notes updates and sharing new processes and workflows that can enrich your business.

December’s Release Notes

Community Enhancements

infographic from December's release notes showing how these community enhancements work in Rent Manager

We’ve added a few new features to help improve community engagement with your renters. These include a Community Directory in Tenant Web Access for residents who choose to share contact information, the ability to add hyperlinks to event descriptions in the Community Calendar, and a simplified folder structure for Property Files.

Annual Commercial Recovery Expenses

It will now be easier for you to reconcile annual tax and insurance expenses in Rent Manager. To simplify the process, you can now designate these costs as annual expenses, enabling you to charge tenants appropriately.

January’s Release Notes

Recurring Events

You can now add events to the Community Calendar on a recurring basis without having to enter each event individually, which is helpful for occurrences like board meetings, trash pickup day, lawn care service, etc. This saves you time while making sure everyone in your community is “in the know” about upcoming, regularly scheduled events.  

Event Types

You can now create and assign an event type to any Community Calendar event you schedule (recurring or otherwise). In addition, you can assign a color to each event type, making it easy to see event categorization for your team and your tenants. 

February’s Release Notes

Video Inspections

You now have the ability to capture a video for each area of an inspection on your mobile device by accessing the Inspection feature in rmAppSuite Pro. Once you upload the inspection, you can access the videos within Rent Manager.

Amenity Listing Report

Gain insight into your property’s amenity reservations and the tenants associated with each booking. The new Amenity Reservations report—located under Listings in Rent Manager—provides your staff with the information they need to manage upcoming activities and events.

To take a deep dive into these resources, be sure to check out the full release notes in Rent Manager University by navigating to Resources > Release Notes. Find more details in the Rent Manager Help File (by pressing the F1 key in Rent Manager 12 or clicking the question mark (?) icon in Rent Manager Express). Plus, keep an eye out for the Rent Manager Release Notes email in your inbox every month. That way, you never miss a chance to capitalize on our newest features!

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