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February 4, 2019


Rent Manager

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The more Rent Manager does for you, the more you can accomplish. That’s why our team is constantly looking for new and exciting integrations to help you expand your capabilities, and they’ve been busy! Since our last periodical, we’ve added more than 10 new partners in a variety of categories, from Artificial Intelligence to Resident Services.

Here is a quick highlight of the newest Rent Manager Integrations:

Breezeway Logo

Breezeway’s software helps residential managers supercharge their maintenance operations, so they can work smarter and keep their renters happy. This mobile solution helps managers leverage property data to automate cleaning, inspection, and maintenance operations, driving efficiency and a better guest experience.Computex Information Systems efficiently covers non-payment of rent cases throughout New Jersey. They handle every step of the process from the issuance of the warrant of removal, to the court officer scheduling.

Different Logo

Built specifically for property managers, automates and streamlines work processes utilizing Artificial Intelligence (AI). Its bot assistant can qualify leads, guide tenants through the portal, help with service issues, answer FAQs, and much more.
The Guarantors logo
The Guarantors offers a risk management platform for landlords that makes the apartment rental process easier. Their suite of tools help landlords speed up leasing, drive down vacancy, and make property management safer.

Henri Logo

Your resident portal, reinvented. Henri provides effective ways to handle all of your community needs, while creating efficiency for both your leasing staff and residents.

Inspect & Cloud Logo

Inspect & Cloud provides a delightful experience when conducting inspections. Daily to-do lists, calendar organization, and Google map integrations keep inspectors in the field informed. Rent Manager customers receive unlimited properties and inspections with no additional sync cost.

NES Logo
National Exemption Service provides submeters for water, gas, and electric, while also performing monthly billing. Their team of experts can develop a submeter system to fit your property or take over your existing system and ensure that the reading is 100% accurate.

Notifii Logo

Bring all of your community’s notifications and correspondence into one place with Notifii. A cloud-based software with automated communication and notifications for package management, community messaging, and so much more.

Studebaker Submetering Logo

Well-known for seamless software integration and accurate and timely invoicing, Studebaker Submetering is a full-service utility submetering/Radio Utility Billing Services (RUBS) billing company. They also offer turnkey submeter installation services for water, natural gas, and electricity.

Optimize the power of your Rent Manager experience by taking advantage of our open API system, the key to customizing and tailoring the software to meet your needs. Learn more about integrated partners by visiting our website or by viewing the new Available Integrations section on the Admin tab in Rent Manager.

Interested in becoming a partner? Rent Manager is continually working to expand the capabilities of our software.

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