Notifii offers your property a better way to stay connected to your residents by bringing all of your community’s notifications and correspondence into one place. It’s package management, community messaging, and so much more.

A cloud-based software with automated communication and notification abilities that fully integrates with your existing Rent Manager contacts, Notifii is an advanced package management and resident communications platform. Increase your team’s productivity, save time and money, and strengthen your relationships with your residents with Notifii.

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Solve Your Package Management Problem

  • Slash your package intake time by more than half by scanning packages in using any tablet or smartphone. Upon intake, residents are automatically notified by text message and/or email. When residents come to pick up their packages, capture an e-signature for proof-of-pickup using the tablet’s touch screen. Residents who don’t pick up their packages are automatically reminded, so packages don’t pile up in your office.

Send Instant and Automated Notifications

  • Your residents will receive instant text and/or email notifications upon package intake and recurring pickup reminders. Automatically send your residents the package information, how many packages are waiting for them, the carrier, etc. Schedule automated text and eblasts for specific recurring events, to request feedback, automate lease renewals, and more. Publish your texting phone number on your website and open up another channel of communications with residents and prospects.

Personalize Your Resident’s Experience

  • Create templates to keep consistency of your community brand and build trusting relationships with your residents. Use our placeholder feature to personalize each message with the resident’s name, even if you are sending out hundreds of messages at once. Notifii can also build a personalized community app for your community with the ability to send and receive notifications and communications.

Centralize Your Communication

  • Send both emails and text messages to specific units, buildings, or the entire community from one easy to use platform. Save time by creating message templates or re-sending past messages. Schedule automated emails to go out for move-ins, birthdays, late rent, etc. Access read rates, analyze reports, and have access to all of a specific resident’s communication with your office in one place.

Visit the Notifii website for more information