The Guarantors

The Guarantors

The Guarantors offers a risk management platform for landlords. Their suite of tools help landlords speed up leasing, drive down vacancy, and make property management safer. Their insure-tech platform integrates with Rent Manager seamlessly, and their services are completely free for landlords and paid for by tenants.

The Guarantors works with landlords and tenants to make the apartment rental process easier and less risky through three product offerings. They help renters qualify for the apartments they need, lower their moving costs, and help keep their possessions—and the building—safe during their occupancy.

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Lease Guarantee

  • The lease guarantee is a bond that guarantees rent payments and is paid for by the tenants who may not financially qualify for your units, so landlords can accept more tenants at no risk. As a result, this speeds up leasing velocity, drives down vacancy, and increases NOI.

Security Deposit Replacement

  • By lowering the upfront moving costs for renters, you can attract more renters. Their solution replaces expensive security deposits with a substantially lower one-time fee and reduces the landlord's administrative burden of managing cash deposits, while providing enhanced coverage that includes wear and tear.

Renters Insurance Compliance

  • Automated Renters Insurance compliance for landlords. Software and automation makes it easy to maximize compliance with a landlord's renters insurance requirements. This reduces landlord liability exposure and ensures more renters get covered.

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