National Exemption Services

National Exemption Services

National Exemption Service (NES) has been proudly serving clients for 50 years. They provide submeters for water, gas, and electric and perform the monthly billing. Their team of experts can develop a submeter system right for your property, or can take over your existing system, and then ensure the system is reading at 100%. Their compliance department works with you to verify that the local municipality requirements for your area are met and necessary filings are complete. Your property will then receive monthly billings as well as leak detection messages. NES provides results driven solutions to fuel your revenue growth.

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  • NES is the industry's leading provider of submetering equipment. Whether installing new systems, retrofitting, or servicing your existing equipment, they will provide the right solution for you.

Utility Management Has Never Been Easier

  • Worried about the rising cost of utilities? Utility recovery falling short of expectations? Let NES help! They offer a variety of utility management and submetering programs built to your specifications.

Robust Payment Solutions

  • NES offers 24-hour payment available with eight (8) payment options – Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, IVR, US Mail, eCheck, and Auto Debit. They have in-house, bilingual collections representatives who are professionally trained to work for you.

Utility Expense Management

  • Invoice management systems audit data points for accuracy and actively track to ensure current invoices for all valid accounts have been received. An automated GL file is then generated that seamlessly integrates into Rent Manager. We monitor vacant theft recovery and issue a statement to the resident containing utility charges and a penalty fee from the period in question.

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