Different is a leading integrated artificial intelligence (AI) solution for property managers—both commercial and residential. We interact with your residents, prospective tenants, and customers 24/7. Different automates all leasing communication. When prospects reply to your listings, they talk right to ‘Aiden’ (your AI virtual assistant). Aiden will upload the prospect info into Rent Manager and will schedule the showing.

Different streamlines your maintenance activities by automating service issues, troubleshooting, scheduling, follows-ups, communication, tenant feedback, statistics, and reports. We empower the Rent Manager integration with innovating AI solutions via phone, text messages, email, and your company website.

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Convert Site Visitors into Qualified Leads

  • With Diffe.rent on your website, you can turn your traffic into qualified leads. Shorten your response time, save money, and deal only with qualified prospective tenants.

Automate Everything

  • It’s 11 p.m. Mike, your tenant, has just discovered his toilet is leaking. Stay cool! Aiden (your bot assistant), will immediately forward the problem to your pre-defined vendor.

Conversations, Not Forms

  • An innovative way to work with existing and prospective tenants and customers 24/7. Smart conversations and real-time data, instead of forms and follow-ups.


  • Aiden, your hardworking assistant, is always available. He answers immediately, which will make your tenants happy!

Visit the Diffe.rent website for more information