ICYMI: 2023 Feature Enhancements

January 17, 2024


Vanessa Perry

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As we reflect on 2023—the good, the bad, and ALL things Taylor Swift—one thing is for sure, you’ve been busy! And so have we. Last year, our team worked tirelessly to provide feature enhancements designed to grow your operation and simplify your Rent Manager experience.

As you shake off 2023, check out the most exciting features we released last year in case you missed them.

The Biggest Feature Enhancements of 2023

Electronic Reconciliation with Bank Sync

Bank Sync securely connects your bank and credit card accounts to Rent Manager Express. Once synchronized, your transactions will appear in the software for simple reconciliation.

Apartments.com Integration

Rent Manager’s ILS Marketing syndications now include Apartments.com! To start posting your multifamily vacancies*, go to the Provider Settings section of the Online Listings General system preferences and enable the Apartments.com Network option.

*Some ILS providers may require a paid account before listings can be posted.

Tenant Statement Automation

Automate the delivery of tenant statements via email or Virtual Post Office through Task Automation. You can even “push” them to Tenant Web Access and the rmResident mobile app. Additionally, set up your default statement method in System Preferences or select a different method per property or tenant.

Add Violations in rmAppSuite Pro Map View

Add violations from Map View while using the rmAppSuite Pro mobile app, saving you time while performing inspections. By using geolocation tracking, a pin representing each unit will display on the map. You can add new violations, or escalate an existing violation for a specific unit by clicking on a pin.

Video Inspections

Capture video for inspections on your mobile device by accessing the Inspection feature in rmAppSuite Pro. Once you upload the inspection, you can access the videos within Rent Manager.

My Workspace

Rent Manager Express My Workspace Screenshot

The My Workspace page is the new default home screen for Rent Manager Express. My Workspace enables you to quickly navigate to your favorite pages and reports, and instantly access training resources. Further, updates were made to the Express menu, making information easier to read and enhancing navigation.

Amenity Reservation Charges

Automatically charge fees and require payment before residents can reserve an amenity. As a time saving effort, you can even create automatic approvals.

Tenant Web Access (TWA) Reports

Association management professionals can now configure select financial reports via TWA. These reports provide real-time visibility into homeowners and/or board members while saving you the time and effort of manually creating the financials yourself.

Tenant Statement Refresh

We’ve made some improvements to the design of Rent Manager’s tenant statements. Renters now receive a new, sleek document that makes it easier to keep track of payments and balances. Check out the new look.

Multifactor Authentication

Multifactor authentication helps protect data by creating an additional layer of security when you log into Rent Manager. You can enable this feature by going to System Preferences > General Options > General.

Tax Export Tool Overhaul

The IRS now requires electronic filing for 10 or more information returns. Since this affects most Rent Manager customers, we’ve created two new 1098 and 1099 Export Wizards to walk you through the process of generating your electronic file. Once your file is complete, you can upload it to the IRS FIRE system for electronic submission.

To use the FIRE system, you will need a valid Transmitter Control Code (TCC), provided by the IRS. If you don’t have a TCC, start your application ASAP as the approval process can take up to 45 days.

For more information about this IRS-initiated filing change, please visit Filing Information Returns Electronically (FIRE).

Recurring Events

Add events to the Community Calendar on a recurring basis without having to enter each event separately, which is helpful for occasions such as board meetings, trash pickup day, lawn care service, etc. This saves you time while ensuring everyone in your community is aware of regularly scheduled events. 

Want to Learn More?

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Read complete release notes in Rent Manager University by navigating to Resources > Release Notes. Additionally, you can find more details in the Rent Manager Help File (by pressing the F1 key in Rent Manager 12 or clicking the question mark (?) icon in Rent Manager Express). Finally, be sure to sign up for notifications to receive the Rent Manager Release Notes email every month. That way, you never miss a chance to capitalize on our latest features!

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