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May 4, 2022


Rent Manager

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Property management is far from a typical 9-to-5 desk job. The unique demands and needs of this industry often extend beyond the four walls of the office. Whether it’s the need to track and process tenant payments, conduct inspections on the spot, or create and complete new maintenance requests, to keep pace with your operation, you have to have your tools with you at all times—that’s where rmAppSuite Pro comes in.

rmAppSuite Pro is a complete rebuild of our property management software app. This fully integrated, intuitive app provides maximum efficiency and productivity by giving you mobile access to your portfolio anytime, anywhere.

rmAppSuite Pro Features

•  Connect to your Rent Manager database while in the field
•  Review and update prospect, tenant, vendor, and owner information
•  Track and process tenant payments
•  Complete maintenance inspections and services issues, including photos and notes
•  Communicate with contacts via rmVoIP or text messaging from within the app
•  View important asset information
•  Accept payments via credit card, ACH, or cash right in the app

Intuitive and fully integrated with Rent Manager, rmAppSuite Pro provides the real-time accessibility you need to manage your property management operation on the go. All contacts are searchable via a wide variety of fields, including address, email, license plate number, etc. Once selected, you can view complete profile information, including User Defined Fields (UDFs), ownerships, transaction history, and lease details. Edit history/notes and see it instantly reflected in your Rent Manager database with the push of a button, ensuring that every detail you record is logged along the way.

How it Works:

The overhaul of the suite focused on reducing the number of clicks required to perform tasks. This helps make workflows faster for users and enables them to complete tasks simply and securely.

Find rmAppSuite Pro on the App Store and Google Play today.

NOTE: To use rmAppSuite Pro, you must be a current Rent Manager Online customer and have an active rmAppSuite Pro license. Texting and rmVoIP features are separate licenses. Contact your sales representative today for more information.

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