Spring Cleaning

mopWhen you wake up to bird chirping and flowers in bloom, you know Spring is upon us and that means one thing—Spring cleaning! A great way to make tidying up a property-wide event is to partner with a local cleaning service and offer discount coupons to tenants. The cleaning company will appreciate the great business opportunity and your tenants can enjoy an afternoon out instead of scrubbing and dusting inside. Professional cleanings can also keep your mind at ease knowing your units are being well maintained.

If you don’t have an existing relationship with a cleaning service, browse websites like livingsocial.com and groupon.com for occasional deals. Send those coupons out via email as an incentive to get your tenants to buy in on the cleaning frenzy.

Property management doesn’t have to be all paperwork and bookkeeping. Make things fun by engaging your tenants in something that will benefit all involved!


Photo credit: cogdogblog/Foter/CC BY-SA