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January 24, 2020


Rent Manager

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It’s safe to say that property management isn’t a 9-to-5 job. A tenant can call with an issue in the middle of the day or night—expecting you or your staff to have the answers. The longer it takes you to respond, the more frustrated they are likely to get. You can ask your staff to answer phone calls at all hours, but that’s not necessarily practical and it certainly won’t generate employee job satisfaction or a proper work/life balance. So, what do you do? We’re happy to share that you can now easily give your tenants around-the-clock customer service without having to sacrifice your precious time—all with the Rent Manager Call Center.

What is the Rent Manager Call Center?

Rent Manager Call Center, powered by Anequim, provides access to comprehensive emergency maintenance services that seamlessly integrate with your existing Rent Manager database. You no longer have to field calls about plumbing issues at two in the morning—Rent Manager Call Center has you covered. Call Center representatives are fully versed in Rent Manager and the property management industry and can provide your tenants with the help they need and advance your operation simultaneously.

How does this benefit my company?

Rent Manager Call Center works hard to help your residents and take some of the pressure off your employees. Here are just a few of the advantages of adding Rent Manager Call Center services to your operation:

Fully Integrated | Your data syncs directly from the Call Center into your Rent Manager database, eliminating any duplicate data entry and providing you with detailed descriptions of every interaction.

Full Service, Burden-Free | Provide a better experience for your tenants without having to hire and manage additional employees.

No Robots Necessary | Every phone call your tenants make is answered by a live, fully trained agent. Rent Manager Call Center’s professional, courteous staff can serve as a seamless extension to your business.

Stay In-The-Know | No need to worry about being out-of-the-loop—you’ll have the choice to receive (or not) a courtesy text and email notifications with every conversation the Call Center has with your renters.

On-the-Go | Looking to keep track of tenant-staff communications while out in the field? Rent Manager Call Center is integrated with the rmAppSuite Pro mobile app, which enables you to quickly alert maintenance staff about service issues and ensures that there is no miscommunication on where to go and what the maintenance issue is.

Boost Your Business | Achieve improved response times, advance your internal communications, and take your customer service experience to a whole new level.

Grow and enhance your business without any changes to your current staff! Learn more about Rent Manager Call Center by contacting your Sales Representative today at 800-669-0871 or salesinfo@rentmanager.com.

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