Keeping Design In Mind

August 17, 2015


Rent Manager

Interior Design

interior designScience continues to prove the long-assumed thought that our environment affects just about every aspect of our well being.

Walk into any preschool classroom and it’s like walking onto a stage built for creative thinking, imagination, and exploration. Even corporations are ditching the cubicles and painting their walls for a similar effect on their employees’ energy and mood. So why not translate some of science’s recent discoveries into your rental space?

If you’ve got a model home, apartment, or office that you show when trying to lease a unit, then it’s incredibly important to stay on top of interior design trends. In the name of good sales practices, consider dedicating a little extra artistry to the look and feel of your model spaces.

To give you a head start on your interior brainstorming, we’re calling on the experts at Remodelista who have dished out their top 15 trends for 2015.

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