Customer Story: Scalable Software Grows with You

March 13, 2024


Steven Salisbury

Doino and the Irish Jones team in front of their office building.

At the 2023 Rent Manager User Conference in Dallas, Texas, we had the pleasure of sitting down with Victor Doino, an industry veteran and property manager at Irish Jones Property Management. Victor generously shared the story of Irish Jones’ growth and how Rent Manager has been integral to their success. His insights and tenure in property management provide a unique perspective on the transformative power of scalable property management software.

Victor’s journey in property management began in 2006—just before the challenges of the Great Recession—and continued through the evolving industry landscape during the COVID era. Joining Irish Jones in 2019, he faced the immediate challenge of managing 100 units without a solid structure or software system in place. Despite these roadblocks, Victor was instrumental in growing the Buffalo-based company with the available resources. Eventually, as the business scaled and headcount grew, it became clear that their current software was insufficient for their needs. Recognizing the need to fill gaps in their daily processes to operate efficiently, he initiated the transition to a more robust solution.

Having used it in previous roles, Victor recommended that Irish Jones implement Rent Manager to handle their day-to-day activities. The decision stemmed from Rent Manager’s ability to consolidate operations in one centralized location and leverage integrated providers to round out their software experience.

According to Victor, Rent Manager’s adaptability and customization have been instrumental in Irish Jones’ growth. He emphasizes the program’s ability to integrate with several other companies’ products allows his organization to house all relevant data in one place. Plus, the ability for employees to be cross-trained in multiple areas of Rent Manager has facilitated career advancement goals and streamlined daily tasks as the company grows without requiring a significant increase in headcount.

Key tools and integrated technologies like the rmAppSuitePro mobile app; AmRent; and Call Center, powered by Anequim—have been integral to Irish Jones’ success.

rmAppSuitePro facilitates daily communication with tenants and creates a secure record of conversations. Victor notes that this is particularly useful when fulfilling a work order. For example, if a technician needs to enter a unit to perform a maintenance task, they can use rmAppSuitePro to reach out to the tenants and get their consent to enter.

Because a record of each conversation is immediately transferred to Rent Manager, this works as a security measure for both parties. For the tenant, it provides advanced notice that a technician will arrive and allows them to consent. For the company, it negates any possible legal trouble, as they have documented evidence of consent to enter.

AmRent—in conjunction with ShowMojo and Rent Manager’s ILS advertising capabilities—has helped Irish Jones implement a seamless end-to-end leasing process. AmRent simplifies the prospect-screening process by gathering criminal and housing court records; credit reports; and verifying applicants’ identity and income. Once gathered, AmRent pushes this information directly to the Rent Manager database for simple consolidation.

Call Center, powered by Anequim, functions as a 24/7 assistant for Irish Jones. It aids in routing callers to the appropriate contact and creating service tickets for work orders, allowing tenants to have their needs met any time of day.

Rent Manager’s ILS advertising capabilities make it easy for Irish Jones to list their properties on websites such as, Zillow, and Trulia without having to manually input information to each website. All they have to do is select which websites they’d like to list their property on, and Rent Manager uses the information already in the program to create the listing for them.

ShowMojo’s automated scheduling capabilities allows the Irish Jones team to offload the work of navigating logistical complications and focus their energy on delivering the highest-quality showings possible. Plus, because prospective renters can take control of the scheduling process themselves, schedule conflicts are completely eliminated.

Property Meld simplifies work order creation and maintenance scheduling, ensuring that service issues are handled quickly, which improves renter satisfaction. Further, Property Meld offers visibility into every part of the maintenance process and captures data related to each maintenance issue, so Irish Jones can always make informed decisions.

Given Rent Manager’s robust customization options, Victor finds it particularly inspiring that there is always something new to learn in the software. Whether it’s improving his current workflows or understanding new areas of the software to prepare for role changes to come, Victor says he often reaches out to the Product Support team for assistance in discovering new ways to utilize Rent Manager. He values the ability to call and have a conversation with a knowledgeable human on the other end of the line and values the relationships developed through this process.

Further, as Victor considers himself a lifelong learner, he appreciates the ability to learn more about the software on his own time through resources like the Help File and Rent Manager University.

Looking ahead, Victor understands that the road to continued growth may have its challenges. However, having already successfully navigated through the Great Recession and the pandemic, he remains confident that Rent Manager will empower Irish Jones to remain flexible and adaptable, overcoming any obstacles that come their way. Rent Manager, being a scalable software solution, positions Irish Jones Property Management for sustained success, even in the face of uncertainty.

Victor’s journey with Rent Manager showcases the transformative power of scalable property management software. Irish Jones Property Management’s success story is not just a testament to Rent Manager’s capabilities—it highlights the importance of adaptability and strategic decision-making in the ever-evolving field of property management. As Irish Jones continues to achieve new heights, Rent Manager remains the cornerstone of their growth strategy, providing a reliable solution for their evolving needs.

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