Rent Manager’s Quarterly Integrations Periodical

February 22, 2023


Vanessa Perry

Integrations Periodical Image of Houses

The Rent Manager Integrations Program continues to grow by leaps and bounds, offering you the most innovative PropTech solutions available. Our diverse platform of more than 150 integrated providers is ready to serve all your business needs.

Since our last Quarterly Integrations Periodical, we have added six new integrations, with 10 more on the horizon. Our newest tech partners can help you obtain short-term funding for property needs; streamline the security deposit process; attract and retain rental property owners; complete submetering and utility billing; install water and electric sub-meters; and boost your asset value.



Release provides short-term funding to investment property owners of all types and sizes. Safely trade a portion of your future rental income in exchange for cash upfront – even with an existing mortgage. 


Rentable streamlines the security deposit process while maintaining compliance with local legislation. The platform also offers financial features that give renters the flexibility to pay and earn interest on their security deposit, and more. 


Steady helps you find and retain property owners through solutions that protect rent, unlock liquidity, and provide insights. 

Think Utility 

Think Utility Services specializes in all types of submetering and utility billing, ranging from residential to commercial and development projects. 

Universal Utilities 

Universal Utilities offers installation services for water and electric sub-meters that increase your property value and lower your communities’ utility charges.


Venn provides tech-driven tools and on-the-ground support to boost your asset value. Venn’s resident-facing app includes property management features with meaningful ways to connect with neighbors. 


Applicant Check 

Applicant Check provides clients with the information they need to make smart hiring decisions using comprehensive background checks. 


CredHub reports rent payments to credit bureaus. This helps property managers lower delinquency, drive revenue, and give residents the opportunity to increase their credit scores. 


Leap’s products allow property managers to expand their tenant pool, increase their NOI, and decrease their bad debt, which reduces friction in the leasing process. 

Pest Share

Pest Share provides pest control plans for Resident and Owner Benefit Programs. Pest Share gives residents access to professional pest control without involving the property manager.

Piper Legal 

Piper Legal is the future of legal services. The court process can be frustrating, but it is also critical to your success. Piper Legal delivers justice to you and your business in a timely and cost-effective way. Their goal is to get your rent paid, period. 


Propify recognizes that you may have data housed in multiple systems. They help you gather that data into a unified platform to gain valuable insights through easy reporting.


Revvy is a revenue optimization platform that simplifies the pricing equation, expiration management, reducing average vacant days, and increased revenue. Revvy provides customers with training, implementation, advisory, and performance analysis. 


SmartRent provides a robust range of products and smart home solutions to meet the needs of renters, owners, and managers of rental properties. With product offerings that can be managed from one interface, their goal is to help make life more efficient for all users. 


SpeedRead Technologies has been a nationally recognized leader in Automatic Meter Reading submetering product technology and service for over 15 years. SpeedRead services water, gas, and electricity, providing reliable and robust solutions for residential and commercial markets. 

365 Connect 

365 Connect provides marketing, leasing, and resident service platforms that accelerate conversions, simplify transactions, and streamline services.

For more information about our portfolio of technology providers, be sure to visit our Integrations Page.

If you’re interested in working with Rent Manager to share your technology with our customers, please reach out to our Channel Partner team.

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