Rent Manager’s Quarterly Integrations Periodical

November 9, 2022


Vanessa Perry

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With the most innovative PropTech solutions on the market, Rent Manager’s integrations network continues to grow rapidly, giving you the opportunity to create the right workflows for your operation. Rent Manager’s diverse platform of more than 150 integrated providers is available to serve all your business needs.

Since our last Quarterly Integrations Periodical, we have added six new integrations, with 10 more on the horizon. Our newest tech partners help you streamline lease forms; reduce the number of uninsured tenants at your properties; manage accounts receivables and resident-provided insurance; and provide landlord insurance and reputation-management technology.



Glazd is a renters-insurance-compliance provider that eliminates uninsured tenants at your properties without adding extra work for you and your staff. The Glazd team also manages your renters insurance program at no cost to you.

Pay Ready 

Pay Ready delivers a cloud-based software platform that manages and tracks everything related to post-resident account receivables. Pay Ready uses predictive analytics and automated outreach to facilitate the entire payment process. It reduces administrative tasks and allows for a significant boost in payments. 


RiskRelease automates renters’ liability coverage requirements while managing and overseeing all resident-provided insurance. Gain increased NOI and mitigation of uncovered losses without accruing additional costs.


Widewail’s integration with Rent Manager delivers advanced reputation management technology and managed services. Work with Widewail’s expert review-response team for customized, human-authored message replies.



IDECO Marketplace affordably and effectively allows you to reach thousands of residential customers at the exact time they are ready to make a purchasing decision. No more guessing about when residents will move, where they’ll move to, what services they’ll need, or when they’ll make their decision.


Intellirent’s software products are powerful on their own, and can completely revolutionize the way you do business when used together. From rental marketing to integrated lease signing, Intellirent offers everything you need to help meet and exceed your business goals.


LeadSimple combines its powerful sales CRM, communication tools, and full-featured process management system so you can streamline and systematize your business, providing amazing customer service at scale.

Mammoth Security

Mammoth Security provides smart-home solutions across the property management industry. Your business has unique security needs. Mammoth’s goal is to guide you to a solution that provides the highest return on investment.


Nutiliti lets you easily manage your units’ utility activations, billing, procurement, reporting, and more, all in one place. Solutions include pre-configured extensions that meet the specific needs of property managers and can be easily tailored to meet the needs of your properties or business processes.

Performance Utility

Performance Utility Management and Billing services are designed to help multifamily portfolios encourage energy and water conservation while also saving on utility expenses.

RD Fuller

RD Fuller is a debt management solution for multifamily housing providers. They offer the same comprehensive strategies financial institutions have used for decades to maximize recovery, but in a program specifically catered to the unique needs of the multifamily industry.


Rentable delivers qualified, high-intent renters through its ILS platform/mobile app, a premiere partnership with Facebook Marketplace, paid social media advertising, and a network of affiliates. Rentable can expand your audience through the channels and technologies they use most. More relatable, more efficient, more conversions.

Think Utility

Think Utility Services—formerly Midway Utility Services—has serviced the multifamily industry for more than 60 years. Think Utility specializes in all types of submetering and utility billing, ranging from residential to commercial and development projects.


Venn works with your existing properties and residents to provide tech-driven tools and on-the-ground support to maximize your asset value. Venn’s resident-facing app combines property management features—such as single-tap rent payment and real-time maintenance requests—with meaningful ways to connect with neighbors.

For more information about our portfolio of technology providers, be sure to visit our Integrations Page.

If you’re interested in working with Rent Manager to share your technology with our customers, please reach out to our Channel Partner team.

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