Rent Manager Integrations Periodical May 2023

May 24, 2023


Steven Salisbury

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As PropTech continues to deliver value to all sectors of the industry, Rent Manager has been keeping pace by adding the most innovative solutions on the market to our Integrations Program. This extensive network is growing rapidly and gives you the freedom to create workflows that work for you. With more than 150 integrated providers and counting, Rent Manager has one of the most diverse platforms in the industry.

Since our last Quarterly Integrations Periodical, we have added five new integrations with seven more on the horizon. Our newest tech partners help reduce delinquency and boost renters’ credit, automate delinquency-notice generation and your screening process, and take the guesswork out of the pricing equation.

Now Available in Rent Manager


CredHub integration logo

CredHub automatically reports rent payments to credit bureaus, helping property managers reduce delinquency, drive revenue, and give residents the opportunity to significantly boost their credit scores.


EliseAI integration logo

EliseAI provides transformative artificial intelligence, fully automating prospect conversations through seamless integration with Rent Manager.


Intellirent integration logo

Intellirent automates your screening process by gathering complete, correct application data—from verified documents to employment and rental history, comprehensive credit and criminal reports, and more. Make informed decisions while eliminating friction between your systems.


Revvy integration logo

Revvy takes the guesswork out of the unit-pricing equation. With Revvy, you’ll enjoy expiration management, reduced average-vacant days, and increased revenue via a user-friendly UI and true configurability. Services include training, implementation, advisory, and performance analysis.

Tempori Systems

Tempori Systems integration logo

Automate your delinquency notice generation and deliver with Temporī Systems. With Temporī, your data works for you, and staff time is reduced to zero. Temporī’s seamless integration with Rent Manager creates truly automated, state-specific notice generation.

Coming Soon to Rent Manager

Integrated ProviderKey Function
Esusu integration logoCredit Reporting
iProperty Express integration logoInspections
pearlwind integration logoSubmetering
REIMonitor integration logoReports & Dashboards
RemoteLock integration logoSmart Home
Rezude integration logoRent Payment Assistance
smartbox integration logoPackage Management

For further information about our available integrations, be sure to visit our Integrations page.

If you’re interested in working with Rent Manager to share your technology with our users, please reach out to our Channel Partner team.

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