Rent Manager Quarterly Integrations Periodical

August 9, 2021


Rent Manager

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Rent Manager proudly works with diverse integrated technology providers to equip you with the resources you need to build your own solutions, expand the software’s capabilities, and automate your business efforts with innovative tech. This freedom of choice lets you further-customize Rent Manager to meet your operation’s unique needs. Since our last Quarterly Integrations Periodical, we have added three new integrations, with five providers on the horizon. Our latest technology partners help streamline digital marketing, boost operatorial efficiency, increase service levels, and so much more.

Now Available


Corporate Spending Innovations (CSI) takes an innovative approach to managing financial technology across departments. They offer a full suite of payment solutions that tackle corporate-spending challenges with accounts payable automation.


Results Repeat helps you do more business online with transparent, results-centered digital marketing strategies, and expertly built websites. Rent Manager and Results Repeat users can save time and streamline leasing efforts by syncing unit availability across different websites.


RentCheck is a property inspection app that saves you time and resources with easy self-guided inspections that residents can perform from their smartphones. Avoid tenant coordination, eliminate drive time, and standardize your inspection process by connecting your properties and tenant directory; scheduling move-in, move-out, periodic, and turn inspections; follow-ups; and reminders—all from within the app.

Coming Soon


AppRent is a resident app that reimagines maintenance and online payments using artificial intelligence. Auto-assign categories, upload photos, request status updates, set up autopay features for rent and/or account balances, and more.


Aargh Software lets you easily create and automatically assign service tickets, and attach notes to tenants, properties, owners, and vendors. Uploaded and review PDFs, JPGs, XLS, and Docs all from the comfort of your email system.


BetterCapital.US is an investment app built by and for real estate investors. Easily manage assets, keep up-to-date with market trends, and find ways to maximize your capital.


Multifamily Utility Company provides comprehensive, customized utility expense management and billing services for communities nationwide. Their innovative solutions include payment processing, in-house collections, utility expense management powered by Cass, vacant cost recovery, regulatory support, and more!


Spectrum Utilities minimizes operating costs while optimizing quality through submeter system design, installation, maintenance, meter reading, and bill printing and mailing. Make the strategic move to submetering with remote meter reading, low/no maintenance equipment, and more long-lasting technology.

For further information about our available integrations, be sure to visit our Integrations Page.

If you’re interested in working with Rent Manager to share your technology with our users, please reach out to our Channel Partner team.

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