Rent Manager Quarterly Integrations Periodical

May 6, 2020


Rent Manager

Integrations Periodical

The Rent Manager Integrations Program is designed to expand the horizons of your software. We prioritize customization and choice at Rent Manager. Our ever-growing and evolving network of industry-leading technology providers help tailor the software to custom fit your business’ specific needs. Since our last Integrations Periodical, we’ve partnered with even more expert providers to continue to personalize your Rent Manager experience.

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Abodo relieves the inevitable stress that comes with apartment hunting. Available in 300 cities and counting, this industry-leading technology matches property owners with interested renters, market data, and technology services. Abodo’s user-friendly interface allows prospects to browse, filter, and tour apartments that interest them. Their reliable listing process includes a budget calculator that ensures renters are not falling in love with places out of their price range.

GradGuard understands the specialized demands of student housing industry. Partnering with more than 350 higher-education housing providers, GradGuard shifts the financial burden of uncollected receivables for property damage to the insurance carrier of the tenant. The liability protection provides coverage for the property owner in the event an insured tenant inflicts damage to the property. When the GradGuard program is implemented, tenants are eligible for the unique coverage features contained within the “Resident Endorsement”—worldwide coverage, replacement costs, and no electronics limitations to name a few.

Alleviate the pressure of always being on-call with Latchel’s customer-service-driven integration. Tenants are given a dedicated Latchel line to report maintenance issues. A team of seasoned property managers answer each call ready to troubleshoot and prevent property damage and unnecessary dispatches. If the call involves an escalated issue, the Latchel team will send a professional to resolve it. Remain in-the-know through every step of the maintenance process with real-time email updates.

LeaseHawk’s advanced artificial intelligence (AI) technology optimizes and streamlines the leasing process. Secure leases faster with ACE AI, LeaseHawk’s virtual leasing agent. Using friendly and natural language when speaking with prospects, ACE AI answers calls, and web chats. If the conversation calls for it, ACE will create property tour appointments for your team. LeaseHawk also goes above and beyond to track your marketing efforts and ad performance. Their technology uses AI to transcribe and score each call, giving insight into how many actual prospects—not just calls—were generated by each ad source.

The Paletz Law group enforces landlords’ rights in Michigan and Ohio. Serving nearly every property type in the industry, Paletz Law matches property owners’ entrepreneurial spirit with tenacious legal services to enhance profitability and efficiency. Their firm of experts bring a combined 50 years of expertise to the table, making them excellent advocates for you in and out of the courtroom.

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Online reviews determine where and how consumers spend their money. Accumulating positive online reviews greatly improves your standing with potential tenants. BlueJay Reviews automates the review process by sending review solicitations to happy customers, review marketing, and review monitoring across all major review sites from the dashboard.

BuildingLink allows you to have full control over your operations with dozens of modules and applications including resident package displays, emergency broadcasts, and more. Through advanced organizational tools, discover everything you need to know about your property. Retain tenant information, manage incoming packages, and view all maintenance requests and trends.

Screen tenants easily and effectively with Rent Perfect. Combined with a team of licensed private investigators and innovative technology, Rent Perfect ensures you’re permitting great tenants to lease your units.

QTrak transforms smart devices into high-speed scanners for superior package management. QTrak’s technology transfers package tracking information to a secure cloud database through a wireless connection.

When prospects use Zumper, they can instantly apply and jump to the front of the line for properties they’re interested in. This competitive edge allows potential renters to find their desired space on their time. Prospects can filter by location, price range, bedroom count, pet-friendly, or amenity and receive notifications when a new listing is posted.

Match with any of these integrations to fit the complex needs of your business. If you’re interested in becoming a provider, contact our Integrations Team for more information.

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