Staffing Shortages in Manufactured Housing can be Overcome with Practical Solutions

October 19, 2022


Vanessa Perry

manufactured houses, which are being affected by staffing shortages

It goes without saying, staffing shortages continue to be a huge concern across many industries. As the manufactured housing industry navigates through these issues due to high turnover and the centralization of certain work functions, Rent Manager is here to help. Our program’s customized features and practical solutions are available to make your daily tasks more manageable.

Ways to Solve Staffing Shortages

Automated Notifications

When manufactured housing communities in your portfolio are located in more than one area, automated features can be a lifesaver. Rent Manager’s Automated Notification functionality is used to make daily processes easier and more efficient. Automated Notifications allow you to send alerts to yourself and staff for certain events and tasks. These alerts make sending reminders, checklists, and updates a completely automatic process. Using Scripts, you can even create email and text message templates to send communications to a customizable list of recipients when certain conditions are met.

To give Automated Notifications a try, go to Admin -> Automated Notifications.

Home Inventory Management

Rent Manager helps to manage your manufactured housing community by allowing you to treat physical homes as assets and link them to residents—similar to how units are treated in the system. By setting up your community through our Home Asset Module, you can track all inventoried/non-inventoried homes, installations, and sales. Additionally, keeping detailed records about a home is simple by using the Asset General Information Tab.

To create Home Assets, go to Rental info -> Assets.

Service Manager Issues

When it comes to handling the unexpected, there is never a dull moment in property management. Our Service Manager feature empowers owners to be ready. This work-order management system enables you to create, track, manage, and resolve maintenance or general issues related to your properties. The feature can also help your staff coordinate and complete daily office tasks and to-do lists.

In Service Manager, you also can create categories to help sort and track various types of service issues (Property Wide, Maintenance, Electrical, Plumbing, Emergency, Office, etc.). These categories aid in creating filters and saving issue lists.

To add a service issue in your Rent Manager database, visit Services -> New Issue.

Communications Tools

For any relationship to be successful, effective communication is key. Rent Manager provides several opportunities for you to communicate effectively to your residents while working on the go.

rmAppSuite Pro is a fully integrated, intuitive app that provides maximum efficiency and productivity by giving you mobile access to your Rent Manager database in the field.

The Rent Manager Call Center handles afterhours emergency maintenance calls for property managers across the country. Representatives are fully versed in Rent Manager and the intricacies of the property management industry, and carefully record each issue in your system for follow-up.

The rmVoIP Integrated Phone System allows you to make and receive calls directly from Rent Manager. Every time the phone rings, you get a quick pop-up that shows who’s on the other end of the line. Plus, each call is recorded and automatically attached to the contact’s History/Notes tab, which is available to review for 18 months. And when new contacts call, you can add them to your database with just a few keystrokes.

Rent Manager delivers efficient texting capabilities as well. You can view all text correspondence in one window with easily accessible action buttons to help you navigate service issues, tenant information, and more. You can also quickly record and deliver voicemail messages to your contacts using Phone Broadcast. This feature allows you to record a message and reach as many contacts needed, in a matter of minutes. Furthermore, website visitors can speak with your staff in real time through the Web Chat window within Rent Manager. Chats can be organized, assigned, and transferred according to topic and staff availability.

Metered Utilities Module

The Metered Utilities module simplifies utility billing and integrates seamlessly within Rent Manager. Every billing period, you’ll enter meter readings and charge your residents for their utility consumption. Plus, you can even handle RUBS calculations through Rent Manager’s CRE tool. Meter readings can be conveniently entered into the software through a multitude of resources—scanners, mobile devices, and imports to name a few. You can also use rmAppSuite Pro to perform these readings in the field.

To access Rent Manager’s utilities module, go to Services -> Utilities.

Integrations to Further Combat Staffing Shortages

Rent Manager has a wide range of integrations that work with manufactured housing providers to help overcome staffing shortages—from utility management solutions to online payment providers, and so much more! To see which integrated providers help simplify tasks in manufactured housing, visit our Integrations page and use the industry filter option.   

This is just a glimpse of the countless solutions Rent Manager delivers for our customers dealing with staffing shortages in the manufactured housing industry. For a closer look at these and other MH resources, contact us today at or 800-669-0871.

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