11 Letter Templates to Save You Time in Rent Manager

We recently took to our Facebook audience to ask what skills a property manager must have to be successful. Among the most common answers were communication skills, the ability to wear many hats, and time management skills. None of these responses come as a surprise to our team at Rent Manager, or any property management professional.

You and your staff have a long list of day-to-day responsibilities and Rent Manager is designed to help you streamline those tasks and save you time so that you can focus on your communities. The software offers unique customization capabilities, and every customer molds it to fit their specific business needs.

That’s why we created the Online Template Library (OTL) within Rent Manager 12. It hosts over 200+ templates that were created by Rent Manager staff and other RM12 users to help you customize your Rent Manager experience and save you time. This FREE resource holds everything from letter templates to custom reports, custom tabs, and custom forms – everything you need to start making the software your own.

To access the OTL, go to the Admin tab and select Online Template Library.

Here you can filter through the different templates you’re looking for, from custom work orders to prospect letters and more. Today we’ll focus on letter templates. Your daily to-do list may often include drafting letters and communicating with a number of people: residents, potential residents, property owners, vendors, and more. The letter templates within the OTL are designed to help you save time completing these daily communications.

At our annual Rent Manager User Conference, we often discuss tips and processes that directly impact our customer’s daily life. When discussing improved workflows and communication, a customer mentioned how she would copy and paste from Microsoft Word, and then look up individual tenant information and input specific information manually – all in order to send a monthly letter. She repeated this process each month, for each resident. When she learned about letter templates that can generate unique letters for each resident with just a few clicks, she broke out in tears. She was so happy to win back time and make her daily process faster, easier, and more efficient. The added ability to focus on service can play a large factor in reducing churn and minimizing vacancy costs.

Here are 11 letter templates to get you started:

[Tenant Letters]


Late Rent Notice Template

It happens. Sometimes a resident may forget, or maybe something came up in their lives that is causing them to delay this month’s rent payment. Whatever the case may be, as a property manager, you need to give them notice. This template for delinquent residents is a simple notice that provides the total amount due, including any late fees. It also clearly states a warning about further action that will happen if rent isn’t paid in full.



Move-In/Out Condition Report

This template provides a form for the tenant to document the condition of their unit and appliances upon move in/out. This gives the tenant the opportunity to document anything in the unit for you to have on record when their lease is up. Items included on the report are walls, carpet, window screens, lighting, doors, smoke detectors, balcony/deck/patio, heater/air conditioning, as well as kitchen appliances.
The checklist also informs the tenant of their rights to obtain a copy of the previous tenant’s move-out condition checklist.



Move Out Survey

This quick and easy move-out survey gives residents a chance to rate their experience at your property and gives you the chance to understand and improve your service. The five-question survey covers topics such as:

  1. The main reason for moving out.
  2. What part of the rental experience did they like most?
  3. What part did they like the least?
  4. Would they consider renting with you again?
  5. Space for additional comments.

High resident turnover can be costly, so it’s important to gather this feedback during the move-out stage to refine your operations.



New Rent Payment Options

Have you recently, or are you planning on changing the rent payment options at your property? If so, then this tenant level letter template is for you. Use this to inform your residents that your property will be changing rent payment options to ePay, ACH, and PayLease CashPay.

Information provided in the template includes the date that this change will be effective, the transition month (the month before the change takes effect), and tenant and property level data.


Notice of Inspection

Do you need to inspect your building over on the north side of town? This letter provides notice to the tenant that his or her building and unit are scheduled to be inspected. Upon generating this letter, the user will be prompted to enter the date and time of the inspection.


[Owner Letters]

Owner Welcome Letter


Have you just signed on a new owner to your property management company? This template introduces the point of contact for that owner. This is a great opportunity to provide additional background information for the owner and get that relationship off to a strong start. This letter highlights the point of contact’s experience and contact information.


OWA Setup Letter

The Owner Web Access (OWA) gives your owners safe access to their account information so they can operate independently and accurately under the same Rent Manager platform. The portal gives your owners a way to view important property- and investment-related information in a convenient, safe location. This letter provides owners with directions for creating their OWA account. The letter also highlights what they can do with OWA.


Received Notice to Vacate

If a tenant notifies your company that they will be vacating their unit, it’s important to inform the property’s owner. This template is for just that, and states that an initial inspection will take place to identify any needed repairs, the vacate date, the marketing plan to find a new resident and a final inspection upon move-out.


Notice to Terminate Management Services

Sometimes the relationship between property managers and owners just isn’t working out. Maybe the owner has unrealistic expectations for the relationship, are difficult to work with, or doesn’t want to maintain the property to your standards.

Whatever the reasoning may be, this letter template is for property management companies to send to owner clients when they are terminating the property management agreement.


[Vendor Letters]


1099 Verification for Vendor

When you pay someone for services provided to your company or properties, and that person is not your employee, you may be required by the IRS to issue a Form 1099-MISC. This letter requests vendors to verify their name, address, Tax ID, and any corrected information by December 15th of the current year in order to avoid a delay in processing their 1099-MISC tax form.


[Property Letters]


Incident Report

When there is an incident at one of your properties, it must be documented. This property-level template provides an easy way to document and describe the incident that occurred. Users can either type the detail information, print it and hand fill it in, or email it to an observer to fill in. The template includes the date and time of the incident, location of the incident, a description of the incident, and the name of the person submitting the report.


 Templates IconDo you have a handy RM template you want to add to the OTL? Go to the template you’ve created, click the Export drop-down arrow > select Online Template Library, and accept the terms of use. Once reviewed for originality and tested for accuracy, your template will be made available for all Rent Manager users.