Know Your Resources: Tools for Success While Working Remotely

March 26, 2020


Rent Manager

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We’re currently navigating an uncharted landscape. You take the midnight call from a tenant when a pipe bursts, delegate the make-ready process after an unanticipated move-out, and replace torn window screens on a moment’s notice. Simply put, being a jack-of-all-trades is part of the job description. However, when something unsettling and difficult to define like the COVID-19 situation arises, deciding which steps to take to safeguard the health and well-being of your employees and tenants can be overwhelming. It can be equally challenging to identify trustworthy resources that support your ability to operate after experiencing an unprecedented shift in the way you work. As the current situation continues to evolve by the hour, and direction differs based on where you live and what you do, it’s crucial to stay calm and informed.

Resources from Industry Leaders

While the National Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) should be referred to for the latest pertinent COVID-19 updates, industry leaders like the Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM), the Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI), and the National Apartment Association (NAA) have compiled robust sets of tools and resources specific to the property management sector to assist you in getting through this time of uncertainty.

Guidance for New Remote Workers

Social distancing is more than just a buzzword. It’s a strong recommendation coming from the CDC, as well as many state and local governments, that has resulted in many employers sending their staff home to conduct business remotely. The NAA provides helpful remote work tips, such as defining a set workspace and sticking to it, setting daily goals, and ensuring your team has the technology resources necessary to be successful in an off-site work environment. You can achieve business continuity while working remotely through clear, concise communication of your expectations.

Harness the Power of Technology & Automation

If having your employees work from home is not an option, focusing on automated processes to reduce your contact with others is crucial. Utilizing ePay processing and online payment portals like Tenant Web Access is a great place to start, as it will quickly reduce the number of tenants coming into the office to pay rent. As we are in midst of spring, lease renewal season is also upon us. Technologies like Tenant Tech deliver lease documents via email and online portals equipped with e-sign technology. In addition, Rent Manager provides built-in e-sign technology through Signable Documents. If you need to conduct property tours, leveraging self-showing technologies like ShowMojo and Tenant Turner is also an option. These resources empower future renters to view properties on their own time, without needing a leasing agent to be present.

Digital Communication Resources

Developing a team communication routine can do a great deal to boost morale and ensure your employees are on the same page. For example, setting up a group video chat through platforms like Zoom or GoToMeeting a few times a week and recognizing individuals who have gone above and beyond can go a long way for your staff’s confidence. And as the nature of your work with prospects and residents shifts from face-to-face to solely digital, you have a wide variety of communication tools readily available in Rent Manager. Send out mass emails, texts, and phone broadcasts in a matter of a few clicks, using processes you’re already familiar with.

During this unsettled time, we are here to help and will remain fully accessible to you. The Rent Manager team is committed to supporting you and the success of your business, no matter the circumstances.

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