Rent Manager’s Quarterly Integrations Periodical

May 10, 2022


Rent Manager

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As real-estate technology continues to deliver value to all sectors of the industry, Rent Manager has been keeping pace by adding the most innovative PropTech solutions on the market to our integrations network. The program is growing rapidly, and gives you the freedom to create workflows that work for you. With over 130 integrated providers and counting, Rent Manager has one of the most diverse platforms in the industry.

Since our last Quarterly Integrations Periodical, we have added six new integrations, with eight more on the horizon. Our newest tech partners help streamline your marketing efforts, rent payments, mailings, debt collections, and grant additional insight into your financial data and student housing experience.



BeSwifty is a multifamily marketing platform designed to automate your daily marketing tasks. Their smart technology allows users to quickly launch and manage web designs from an integrated system. 

Colleen is an advanced AI solution that generates key insights from your financial data. Their platform sources data from Experian, Google, and your Rent Manager database to make your bottom line more predictable and comprehensive.


Flex offers an intuitive, more flexible solution for rent payments. Property managers get paid upfront and in-full, while giving their residents the flexibility to pay rent on the schedule that works best for them.


MailFuze eliminates the wasted time of printing, stuffing, stamping, and sending mail. With just a few clicks, MailFuze automates the costly and time-consuming process of sending regular First Class®, Certified Mail®, or Priority Mail Express®. MailFuze also allows users to charge tenants and/or owners for mailings—transforming your mailing expense into newfound revenue.

Rent Debt 

RentDebt provides nationwide collection services in recovering delinquent debts for the rental industry. The platform utilizes strategies including propensity-to-pay scoring, credit reporting, an aged collections program, various letter and settlement campaigns, and comprehensive litigation services to receive owed debt.

Student Room Stay 

Student Room Stay enhances the student housing experience by offering ongoing resources that extend far beyond leasing a room. Provide your residents with more than just a place to live—share new ways for them to discover, explore, and thrive in the communities in which they study. 



eMailACheck is a breakthrough technology that revolutionizes the way payments are created and delivered. eMailACheck costs pennies and saves the payor costs associated with paper checks including postage, envelopes, handling, and bank and interest fees related to late payments. The payee can receive a check anytime, anywhere.


Glazd is proud to provide property managers and owners with seamless solutions that increase insurance transparency and NOI at their communities. Offload insurance requirements and the cumbersome workload that comes with it to the Glazd team at no cost to you!

KCB Screening  

KCB Screening aims to simplify and streamline the resident screening process. KCB has access to all three credit bureaus, as well as nationwide criminal and eviction reports, employment, and residence verifications. They’re determined to ensure quality data is delivered for every applicant you plan to bring into your community. 


RiskRelease releases your renters insurance responsibility at your apartment community. For a small monthly charge, RiskRelease satisfies the renters insurance requirement without any interventions from your team. No claims headaches, no insurance documents, and no prior approval needed. RiskRelease also reviews third-party insurance for lease compliance.

Sensor Global 

Sensor Global increases visibility, improves compliance, reduces risk, and improves customer experience by offering a more cost-effective alarm service. Reduce time spent booking appointments, organizing keys, and smoke alarm technicians. Start mitigating risk by increasing compliance, every day of the year.


Steadily provides property manager insurance for people who rent their homes to others. Property manager insurance is full of benefits, such as coverage against legal liabilities, coverage for fire and water damage, financial protection against natural disasters, and protection against tenant injury.


Steady offers property managers a unique blend of insurance and financial solutions that share the same goal of removing risk, boosting profit, and saving time with automation. Designed specifically for property managers in the single-family rental market, Steady’s Rent Manager Integration enables a seamless user experience. 


Vero is a modern leasing platform for owners and renters. Providing easy—and auto-filled—applications; mobile-optimized lease applications; automatic lease generation; and the ability to verify identity, employment, and income in real time; all while ensuring application security.

For further information about our available integrations, be sure to visit our Integrations Page.

If you’re interested in working with Rent Manager to share your technology with our users, please reach out to our Channel Partner team.

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