Rent Manager Online Vs. Standalone

December 18, 2015


Rent Manager

Different sorts of Ice Cream in a waffles

Chocolate or vanilla? Chicken or Fish? Standalone or Online? When it comes to your Rent Manager software, there’s more to our purchase options than mere preference.

Rent Manager was designed to meet the many needs of property managers throughout the industry as one integrated solution; offering accounting, property management, work order, marketing capabilities, and much more. The fundamentals of the software itself remain the same no matter how you buy it, however there are some differences in the features available for each platform.

There are situations where either the Rent Manager Standalone version or Rent Manager Online (RMO) is a clear choice. But for most cases, the option boils down to choosing the breadth of functionality you need.

Those who purchase our Standalone version buy the software “off the shelf” and own it outright. They can purchase additional features to add to the foundation product but those resources are sold individually. Overall, the program runs on their computer the same way Microsoft Word or any other purchased program would. Based on a company’s size and portfolio, Standalone has three diverse purchase options; Small Business, Professional, and Enterprise Editions.

With RMO, customer data is housed on our state-of-the-art, ultra-secure servers, and users run the program from any Internet-connected computer. This means when the team back at Rent Manager updates the software, your version gets a quick face-lift as well, always keeping you running on the most up-to-date version of your platform.

RMO also provides access to several features that are only available to online users: including Web Portal Suite, Report Automation, and more. Additionally, Android and iOS resources like mobileRM and our mobile apps allow you to access RMO on-the-go, anywhere you go!

Rent Manager Standalone Editions vs. Rent Manager Online

Core FunctionalityRent Manager StandaloneRent Manager Online
Residential and commercial property managementcheck markcheck mark
Double-entry accounting systemcheck markcheck mark
Work-order management systemcheck markcheck mark
Customer relationship management (CRM) databasecheck markcheck mark
Prospect- and lease-management toolscheck markcheck mark
More than 250 built-in reports, with drill-down capabilitiescheck markcheck mark
Available Features*
Bird’s Eye View: Build aerial-view, pictorial maps of your properties and associated unitscheck markcheck mark
Loan Manager: Track thousands of owner-financed loans in Rent Managercheck markcheck mark
Report Writer: Customize feature-rich reports-fast!check markcheck mark
CAM & Reconciliation: Calculate, distribute, and reconcile charges associated with your commercial propertiescheck markcheck mark
Metered Utilities: A single system for tracking utility billing informationcheck markcheck mark
Web Portal Suite: Online management tools for residents and owners check mark
MobileRM: Mobile access to the program from web-enabled devices check mark
Web Developer Suite: Online applications and unit availability check mark
Report Automation: Schedule and email report batches automatically check mark
API: Allows read and write access to your database check mark
Trulia & Zillow integration check mark
Mobile apps for inspections, service issues, payments, and picture uploads check mark
Data Protection
Includes software updates and technical support check mark
Snapshot backups are created multiple times a day check mark
Fault-tolerant platform with automatic and instant data replication 

*Additional fees may apply

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