ICYMI: Release Notes Recap Q1 2024

March 27, 2024


Steven Salisbury

ICYMI Rent Manager Release Notes Recap image

The Rent Manager Development team continues to create and enhance features to streamline your processes and help grow your operation. In case you missed it, several exciting features have come to Rent Manager in the last few months. So, we’re recapping our most recent Release Notes updates to share new processes and workflows that can work for you.

Plan and approve your renewal-related rent increases more efficiently! The Renewal Increases feature allows you to create a workflow for expiring leases by setting rent values in advance and generating renewal offers in bulk based on those values.

For even more control over the process, you can require that all renewal increases are approved in Rent Manager before offers are sent. 

You can now enable a variety of new payment frequencies for tenants and homeowners to leverage via the Tenant Web Access (TWA) portal and the rmResident mobile app. These frequency types include weekly, quarterly, semi-annual, and annual, which are particularly useful for charges that are not paid at monthly intervals throughout the year, such as Homeowner’s Association dues and weekly rentals. Additionally, tenants can specify dates for AutoPay to start and end, giving them more visibility and control over their scheduled payments.

You now have the ability to create and export 1098 and 1099 correction files from Rent Manager Express for submission via the IRS FIRE System. Both export options feature step-by-step wizards that guide you through the process.

Note: Per the IRS, for Tax Year ’23, corrected returns must be filed electronically if the original return was filed electronically. The corrected returns exported from Rent Manager Express will need to be submitted to the IRS FIRE system using the same Transmitter Control Code (TCC) as the original file.

*This feature is only available in Rent Manager Express

You can now tag Rent Manager Express users in History/Notes comments with our new @mention tool. To use this feature, start a new note on any History/Notes tab; type the @ symbol, followed by the user’s name; and select them from the user list that auto-loads. Once @mentioned, the user(s) will receive an email containing your note and a link to quickly access it in the software.

Further, you can add a profile picture and title to each Rent Manager user profile in your system, making it easier to identify the correct user when @mentioning the members of your team.

We’re excited to give you a preview of things to come! To deliver a more professional, sleek look, we’re restyling reports in Rent Manager Express. The first 60 reports will be ready in no time, but that’s just the beginning—we’ll keep at it until all 450+ built-in reports have been refreshed. Check out our new styling here.

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