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September 22, 2018


Rent Manager

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For three decades, we’ve been working to make Rent Manager the most customizable property management software available for your business. From made-to-order dashboards for every user who logs in, to business-specific letters, forms, reports, and more, Rent Manager was designed to adapt to your unique property management operation. You can add logos to forms, develop interactive property maps that provide instant information at a glance, create case-specific letters with rmScripting, or customized reports for your portfolio’s exclusive needs—the possibilities are exciting, endless, and staggering when you’re already busy handling the day-to-day activities of running your business. Why not allow our Professional Services team to do the heavy lifting, with you at the helm?!

Our Professional Services team will help you make the most of your Rent Manager experience by working with you to make your custom projects meet your distinctive needs and help your business stand out amongst the rest. Here are just a few of the ways that our team can make Rent Manager tailor-made just for you:

Bird’s Eye View
Imagine pulling up your property’s map and applying a filter to show the units that will be available on a given date, or who’s delinquent on their rent this month, or calculate the balance due for every single unit—all in one stunning visual.

Custom Documents and Reports
Rent Manager has more than 250 built-in reports—but none that are uniquely yours. Working with our team, you can create customized letters, reports that pull the exact information you need at the click of a button, and your very own forms that capture the information you want to know. Add property-specific fields to your forms, create signable documents, design one-of-a-kind reports to answer your most burning questions, and much more!

Apply Now
And, because your customers are often exclusively using the Internet to search for their next home, you need to meet them there! Accept applications, automatically screen applicants, and collect fees with our all-encompassing, all-online Apply Now feature, allowing your prospects to start the process at any time—day or night. Our Professional Services team will create your customized application to get your process online, seamless, and automatic.

Web Design and Development
Does your website need a refresh? Our talented team of web designers can create a stunning, interactive, and fully Rent Manager-integrated site to give you the absolute best first impression online. We can help you revamp your existing website or start from scratch and build your online resources from the ground up. Don’t neglect your “digital front door”!

API Integrations
Rent Manager truly is the most comprehensive—and fully customizable—property management solution for your business, and another way our Professional Services Team can help you make it uniquely yours is through our open API. More than just a buzzword getting thrown around these days, API is the gateway that opens up a world of possibilities to Rent Manager customers. Our API, which stands for Application Programming Interface, can be opened to your developers to build integrations that enhance your operation’s specific needs. Our API Services team can work with your vendors to make your vision a reality.

Learn more about the awesome things our Professional Services team can do for you, and contact your sales representative today to set up your next custom project.

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