Professional Services for your Professional Software

Rent Manager® is an exceptionally customizable software that allows you to incorporate the strategies and ideas that work best for your business. When you decide to purchase the software, our job doesn’t just end there. Our Professional Services team can

Pre-Conferencehelp you enhance your day-to-day operations and improve the efficiency of your company through custom-developed Rent Manager solutions.

Our team works with you at every step of the way, from getting you started in Rent Manager to personalizing the way you use the software.

Implementation Our team will work with you one-on-one to design and execute a step-by-step plan’including customized training and data migration’to get you up and running with your software. Our consultants will learn your business and determine how to best set up your Rent Manager system.

Data Migration Manual data entry can be time-consuming and a costly waste of resources. Our Implementation consultants will input your data’properties, units, residents, vendors, owners, payments, etc.’for you, extracting information from your current system and importing it into your Rent Manager database.

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Website Design and Development Our custom-built websites are fully integrated into Rent Manager. From updating an existing website, to adding custom integrations, to building a site from scratch, our Professional Services team can do it for you.

Custom Reports and Documents Any document in Rent Manager can be customized, and our staff can handle that personalization for you. General or financial reports, leases, letters, statements, state-specific forms, and many more can be created to fit to your business.

Open Access Let us utilize your Open Access Rent Manager Online database to create applications and queries that extend functionality and enable you to customize information about residents, vendors, and your business.

Custom Tabs Fit your Rent Manager interface to your specific needs with Custom Tabs. We can create any tab for you’enabling you to make the most of your software’user-by-user.

Data Cleanup We can work with you to clean up your data in Rent Manager and get your records back on track.

Bird’s Eye View Our team can create a specialized Bird’s Eye View map of Utility meteryour property and associated units.

Metered Utilities Plus We can set up your Metered Utilities Plus module to handle more advanced calculations, blended rates, and a detailed utility breakdown, among other important state-specific requirements.

With Rent Manager and our expert Professional Services staff, anything can be customized to your specific needs. From custom documents to custom feature integrations and much more, our team is here to help personalize Rent Manager to meet your specific needs.