ICYMI: 2022 Feature Enhancements

January 4, 2023


Steven Salisbury

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Despite all that 2022 has thrown your way, you’ve been adaptable and resilient—and we’ve been there every step of the way. While many have focused on rising inflation, staffing shortages, and World Cup madness, we’ve been crafting exciting feature enhancements to simplify your Rent Manager experience.

As you prepare for a busy (and productive!) 2023, check out the most game-changing features we released this year in case you missed them.

The Biggest Feature Enhancements of 2022

Introducing Renters Insurance & Compliance Tracking

LeaseTrack, our newest built-in insurance tracking solution, helps take the guesswork out of renters insurance for tenants and property managers alike. Now, your residents can purchase renters insurance through Tenant Web Access (TWA). Alternatively, residents can be automatically added to a master policy that meets the requirements of their lease, ensuring 100% compliance. Click here to learn all about the LeaseTrack integration.

LeaseTrack Insurance and Compliance Tracking feature enhancement explanation video

100% Digital Payments Made Easy with Lockbox

Lockbox, powered by Zego, helps you save valuable time by outsourcing the handling of paper-based payments. This convenient option allows you to achieve 100% digital payments, even when your renters and homeowners aren’t ready to make the switch from paper checks.

Residents send their check payments to a designated P.O. Box, and the Zego team takes it from there. Payments will be processed and posted directly to your bank account and to each resident’s ledger in Rent Manager.

Lockbox Digital Payments feature enhancement explanation video

Asset Information Available in rmAppSuite Pro

See important warranty details, maintenance updates, serial numbers, and more right from the rmAppSuite Pro mobile app. This fully integrated mobile application enables you to complete management and maintenance tasks anywhere you bring your phone (which—let’s be honest—is everywhere).

Asset Information in rmAppSuite Pro feature enhancement explanation video

Save Automated Notifications in History/Notes Tab

Automated notifications you send to a tenant or prospect via email or text are now automatically added to the recipient’s History/Notes tab. This allows you to track and verify these interactions without manual data entry.

Add Company Branding to Your Tenant and Owner Web Access (TWA and OWA) Portals

You can now customize the look and feel of both your TWA and OWA portals! Add your company logo, change the color scheme to match your branding, reorganize your dashboard tiles, and more. This update enables you to align your portals with your company’s website and marketing efforts, making it an unmistakable branded resource.

TWA Portal Customization:

Tenant Web Access customization feature enhancement explanation video

OWA Portal Customization:

Owner Web Access customization feature enhancement explanation video

Create Letter Template Folders

We know that staying organized is key to streamlining your communication. So, you can now create folders to categorize and organize your Letter Templates for efficient storage and retrieval.

Letter Template Folders explanation video

Store Multiple Vendor Contacts

You can now add multiple vendor contacts and their information—such as names, email addresses, contact types, and phone numbers—in Rent Manager. Add vendor contacts to the new Contacts tab located in your vendor records.

Store Multiple Vendor Contacts customization explanation video

Ready to Learn More?

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Read the full release notes in Rent Manager University by navigating to Resources > Release Notes. Additionally, you can find more details in the Rent Manager Help File (by pressing the F1 key in Rent Manager 12 or clicking the question mark (?) icon in Rent Manager Express). Plus, keep an eye out for the Rent Manager Release Notes email in your inbox every month. That way, you never miss a chance to capitalize on our newest features!

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