Celebrating International Podcast Day and Beyond Rent

September 27, 2023


Vanessa Perry

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International Podcast Day takes place each year on September 30. This worldwide celebration is an opportunity for podcasters and podcast listeners to connect. It’s also a time for podcast enthusiasts to discover what new content digital broadcasters have to offer. Shows are available for every genre, so the options are endless!

Ways to Celebrate International Podcast Day

Listen Up!

Take time to tune into your favorite podcasts on September 30. Dedicating an hour—or several—to a few shows not only supports this important medium, but doing so will also inspire and inform you. As you’re streaming your top podcasters, consider finding some new shows to subscribe to. Most importantly, don’t forget to share these shows with your family and friends.

Start a Club

Like a book club, you can invite folks to form a podcast club with you. Once you determine which show to listen to, schedule a date and location to discuss episodes as a group. To make it even more interesting, request a different member to select a new podcast to review each time. If meeting in person, provide refreshments and a comfortable environment for a more conversational feel.

Launch Your Own Show

This is your opportunity to shine and share whatever is on your mind! If you have equipment to record, all you need are ideas and a captive audience. The passion for your topics will not only engage your followers but keep them returning.

Beyond Rent “Can’t Miss” Episodes

Three years ago, we launched Beyond Rent—named one of The Best Property Management Software Podcasts of 2023 by Showdigs. Hosted by Joe Easton, Rent Manager’s Senior Channel Partner Manager, the podcast explores every facet of the property management industry. Each episode of Beyond Rent features a new guest and shares insights into the latest industry news and trends.

In honor of International Podcast Day and the third anniversary of Beyond Rent, we invite you to revisit eight of our most popular episodes.

Episode 78—ChatGPT’s Impact On Property Management

This past year, there were substantial advancements that improved the accessibility and utility of artificial intelligence (AI). Matt Speer of Property Management Advisory shares his knowledge of AI technology—including systems such as ChatGPT—and its practical applications in the property management industry.

Episode 75—Designing A Better Strategy for Utility Costs

While utilities are one of the greatest expenses for a property, the topic often receives little attention due to the complexity involved. Jack Forrest of Zego shares his utility management experience and ways to improve your approach to handling costs.

Episode 70—Unlock Your Problem-Solving Potential

Utilizing data can help uncover challenges your business is facing. To identify the correct information, you need to ask the right questions and track the proper metrics. Chrissie Valdini of Rookwood Properties shares her insights on which reports can provide the data you need to monitor property management performance, and how to create an action plan to tackle the issues you find.

Episode 68—Achieving Maintenance Excellence 

With increasing costs and challenges in the labor market, maintenance continues to be a hot topic in property management. Ray Hespen of Property Meld shares his insights on maintenance administration and introduces the company’s Ladder of Maintenance Excellence—what it means and how to use it.

Episode 65—Creating An Anti-Fragile Business

One method for creating a resilient business is the concept of anti-fragility. Jared Behrens of American Realty sheds light on this practice, and how it has impacted his personal and professional life.

Episode 62—Trends Impacting Real Estate In 2023

Learning about current trends and changes in the real estate industry can help you prepare for what’s to come. Brian Thayer of AvidXchange shares his views on Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG); Staffing; and Technology and the impact each may have on your business this year.

Episode 59—Reduce Risk With Renters Insurance

Many residents choose not to purchase renters insurance, which puts them and property owners at risk for major expenses. Eric Narcisco of LeaseTrack shares his thoughts on changes in the insurance industry, and tools available to make insurance compliance easy.

Episode 55—Connecting Tech, Residents, & Revenue

Technology, resident experience, and driving revenue are common topics discussed in our industry. Brian Cowger of Matchbox Realty explains how all three of these important factors tie into Matchbox’s overall strategy, and how the company provides technical amenities in a way that improves resident satisfaction and increases revenue.

While International Podcast Day is an excellent time to binge past episodes of Beyond Rent, new episodes are released bi-weekly on Sundays. Available to stream and share on all major podcast networks (Apple Podcasts, Pandora, iHeart, Spotify) and RentManager.com/Podcast, subscribe to Beyond Rent today or reach out if you would like to be a guest on the show!

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