Access Control: Choose Your Integration Wisely

November 6, 2023


Rent Manager

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In the early days of PropTech, the pond was small with just a few key players, and your property management team likely interfaced with a handful of software platforms. Today, the industry has grown exponentially and technology has become pretty sophisticated. That’s why integrations are more important than ever. When combined properly, PropTech designed around an open API ensures teams work as efficiently as possible, time-consuming steps are eliminated, and everyone accomplishes more in a workday. Let’s take a deep dive into an integration designed to streamline apartment turnovers with access-control automation.

Access-Control Automation

Apartment turnovers are access-heavy events that occur frequently at multifamily properties. Automations that come from a true integration should take some or even all those tasks off your plate. For example, an access-control resource that’s integrated with Rent Manager should be able to sync lease-related details from your database and automatically create access codes for a leased unit and its associated doors. Existing codes would also be automatically revoked for units that become vacant. The same is true for granting and revoking access for vendors and inspectors during turnovers. The synchronization of service-related data is another helpful automation—enabling the delivery of access codes to every vendor and inspector involved with a particular turn. Just think about the time-savings this automation would yield—no more key handoffs or rekeying, and no need to be on-site for every access request during turns.

A True Integration

Some access control providers use the term “automation” loosely. Be sure to look for an integration that is completely automated with no manual entry required once it’s set up. For example, ideally, you would approve new residents to move in using Rent Manager, with access permissions automatically granted. The same should happen when residents move out—access should be automatically revoked. A true integration would automate access behind the scenes without you or your staff ever leaving the program. No time is wasted with manual entry or swiveling between platforms.

Streamlines Operations

When apartment turnovers are lengthy, units are vacant longer, which costs money. That’s why automating access control for the entire turnover process saves you time and money. For instance, say your painters and cleaners have very full schedules (a common occurrence these days). The painters can finish your job one weekday evening after hours, while the cleaners have an opening on Saturday. With time-bound access codes automatically delivered through your software, both jobs are finished efficiently, safely, and without staff on-site.

Safety Is a Top Priority

When it comes to access control, safety should always be a top priority. During turnovers, you want to ensure everyone’s security and well-being with a fully automated integration that reduces the chance of human error. Using unique, time-bound access codes that are delivered automatically, there’s no need to worry about staff or vendors accessing a unit that’s already occupied or not being able to gain entry.

Yield Valuable ROI

Return on investment encompasses more than just dollars for your bottom line. Streamlining operations also saves time—a valuable commodity these days. If an apartment turnover typically involves one maintenance team member and three vendors, you’ll spend time either facilitating access with a key, or manually managing various codes each day. With an ideal access-control integration, you can “set it and forget it.” In addition to saving on labor costs, you’ll gain accuracy, as automation reduces mistakes and yields more time to build stronger resident relationships. Best of all, it helps lease units at a faster rate—a positive impact on any multifamily operation’s bottom line.


As PropTech continues to become more integrated, make sure the programs you use are truly efficient. True integrations come from platforms that are open and flexible—like RemoteLock’s integration in Rent Manager. PropTech resources should help you automate tasks, meet changing renter needs, and improve overall operations—all key to fueling growth and staying ahead of the competition.

Learn more about automating access control with RemoteLock and Rent Manager here.

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