So What is an API, Anyway?

February 6, 2019


Rent Manager

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What is an API?

An application programming interface (API) is a set of functions and procedures that allow for the creation of applications that access the features or data of an operating system, application, or other service. Translation: APIs help different software applications talk to one another and share data via the Internet, without the user having to manually perform each and every action. Think of it like a power adapter when you travel overseas—this adapter helps two objects work together when they were otherwise incompatible. Another comparison is that of an interpreter who helps you receive information in an otherwise incomprehensible language so that you can make use of it on your own. API processes run in the background of your devices to help create a seamless experience for the user, who typically won’t even know there is an API doing the heavy lifting behind the scenes.

The API enables our customers to truly custom-fit the software to their business,

rather than having to adapt their operation to fit the program.

How the API Helps You

In the Rent Manager Online (RMO) universe, for example, you may use our API to send text messages to tenants about package deliveries that you compose in Rent Manager®; push property listings to Internet Listing Service (ILS) websites; or utilize a webchat on your website that handles late-night maintenance requests and automatically contacts pre-defined vendors stored in the software.
But how does the API make this possible? By creating a pathway and granting access to data within Rent Manager to another program that can employ that data to perform the desired function. Developers working for our API partners utilize the API to pull information that makes their applications work, and then send the data back to Rent Manager to keep your database updated at all times.
All around us, developers are using APIs to connect the many technologies that businesses use every day into one united ecosystem, allowing you to make use of your data in a variety of ways.
About the Rent Manager API Program
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The Rent Manager API offers a powerful and convenient web services solution for interacting with RMO. The API provides both “read” and “write” access to your database, enabling you to develop custom applications to collect live data from the software, as well as write new data into your system. The complete read/write capabilities of the open API system make integrating business-specific solutions as seamless as possible.
We created this open API system to enhance the power and agility of our already-robust platform through the leading industry technologies that our customers craved. Using the read/write access of our API, vendors can create a seamless experience between Rent Manager and their products. Additionally, the API enables our customers to truly custom-fit the software to their business, rather than having to adapt their operation to fit the program.

NEW FEATURES: Available Integrations Tab & My Integrations Tab

As the Rent Manager API program grew, we spotted the need for a quick and simple interface that would allow our customers and vendors to interact with one another, request further information, and manage all API connections without ever leaving the software. From that observation came the newly launched Available Integrations Tab and My Integrations Tab—these new modules are your one-stop shops for Rent Manager Integrations.
Available Integrations Tab

With the Available Integrations Tab, customers can request to have any existing integration activated/deactivated in their RMO setup. This tab allows users to view company information, integration details, or contact their Sales Representative directly from Rent Manager. Integrations can also be sorted by specific technology categories or specific vendor companies. Users are also able to choose which database they would like to set up the integration with, review documentation and required user privileges, and more.

My Integrations Tab

To help our customers manage their ever-growing list of integrated vendors, this tab allows users to manage all of their current integrations.  They can request support, view user permissions per integration, review other resources about particular integrations, and more—right from within Rent Manager.

As of January 2019, there are more than 60 vendors integrating with Rent Manager—a number that continues to grow every month. These integrations range from artificial intelligence, business analytics, internet listing services, resident services, reputation management, and smart-home automation. Be sure to explore the new Integrations tabs in your Rent Manager Online database today and discover the world of possibilities available via Rent Manager’s open API.

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