10 Reasons our Customers Love Rent Manager

February 14, 2024


Vanessa Perry

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Rent Manager was created to custom-fit your unique property management needs. From our customer-focused support and tailored features, to our many Integrations and the Rent Manager User Conference, here are a few reasons customers 🧡 us.

Susan Austin-Fleck – Austin Fleck Property Management 

“I love that I can call my personalized Premium Support person who can easily see everything that’s going on without me even needing to say all the details.”

Erin Barrett – Gunnison Real Estate & Rentals

“My favorite thing about Rent Manager is the texting, I get to have real conversations with my tenants.”

Victor Doino – Irish Jones Property Management

“We can’t operate the way that we do without Rent Manager. Other programs aren’t as adaptable or customizable.”

Manja Fields – Imperial Realty Management Corp/SVN Imperial Realty 

“I love how Rent Manager is so integrated. I love how it all melds together for my accounting needs.”

Ashleigh Johnson – Jerry Johnson Jr. Investments 

“I do believe Rent Manager is a huge time saver; everything is easy to navigate. I focus on reports and assets, and Rent Manager calculates everything for me.”

Devon Logan – Verada Properties 

“The biggest part of Rent Manager that saves me time is the integration with Zego and the recurring bills—I absolutely love that.”

Peggy Pattavina – Cityline Properties 

 “The Product Support team has been amazing, they jump right onto my computer and have the knowledge base to provide me with the answers I need.”

Amber Rudie – Buffalo Bill Funding Group 

“Rent Manager is the first software that solves my problems. The continuous additional features are an integral part of my day-to-day work experience.”

Shivani Sami – CBW Properties 

“The reason I love Rent Manager is because it makes my job easier. All the small details are very well put together.”

Kevin Tinsley – Foresight Village Properties 

“Our previous software was unresponsive to our needs; Rent Manager was a lot more user-friendly, and the customer service was just so much better.”

There is so much to love about Rent Manager – learn why here.

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