6 Reasons to Focus on Virtual Tours in 2020

August 10, 2020


Rent Manager

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Virtual apartment tours are a game-changer. From Facebook Live to Zoom to Facetime and many others, now is the time to invest in the virtual-visit world. Here are six reasons that will convince even the most ardent technology-averse to embrace virtual tours. 

The adage “time is money” directly applies to the apartment rental business of 2020.


If convenience were the only factor in the decision to create a virtual tour of all the apartments you have available, it would certainly stand alone. What is the most frustrating and time-consuming ordeal when renting an apartment—getting current tenants to clean their units so they’re is ready to show? Or is it staging a new place so prospective tenants can imagine furniture placement? What if you only had to deal with these problems once, instead of every time a potential renter wants to see a unit? This issue is eliminated with virtual tours. 

Arrange for a videographer to visit the unit once and create a virtual tour with all the information a client needs to help them decide if a property is right for them.

Pro Videographer or DIY

Choosing to pay a professional videographer that specializes in architectural work would be the perfect way to create your virtual apartment tour. Virtual property tours can be taken by companies that focus in real estate videography, like Matterport

Once you have made a list of the rooms and special features you want to highlight, the videographer will bring equipment, like additional lighting, that’s necessary to produce state of the art videos and stills. Generally, editing is left to the videographer and you simply approve the finished product. 

Changes can be made if something doesn’t look as you envisioned. If there is no budget for professional videography, find tips about how to video interiors on websites like YouTube. If you have experience with photography, learning the tips to enhance your interior shoots will be simple. 

Producing good in-apartment videos is often a matter of lighting and finding the appropriate aspects of the rooms to focus on. That is not to say that a person with no previous skills behind a camera cannot make a good, functional video because the cameras in today’s smartphones can help anyone make and edit good, functional representations of a property.

Not Done Yet

Once you have a video and a collection of still photos that capture the essence of the apartment, upload them to your website. If you are not familiar with the process, visit a site like Lifewire to discover how easy the procedure is. 

Once your uploads are complete, you’re ready to send your video and photos to national rental websites. By sharing your information nationally, you increase the chance of a person anywhere finding your community.

Compare Spaces

Very rarely does someone rent an apartment without looking at it, the neighborhood it’s located in, or other comparable apartments to find a space that speaks to them. 

With a virtual real estate tour, you give potential renters a way to see the space without physically visiting. Not only is that a good thing during coronavirus, but it is a great tool any day. No more driving around town to visit the 32 apartments or wasting the energy it takes to get an apartment into pristine “show” shape.

What Else Do Virtual Tours Do?

Your virtual tour allows the apartment, at its cleanest, to shine even with social distancing in mind. Virtual tours provide images of the interior. Then, potential renters can venture into the neighborhood using platforms like Google maps. 

Neighborhood ratings for schools, shopping, restaurants, and more are just a click away. A listing that contains a virtual tour creates the impression of a well-maintained property more than a description with no visuals. On online tour underscores the value of the space you are showing. 

You and Your Client’s Health

Everyone is concerned about personal health, particularly during the current pandemic. A virtual tour, much like selling a house online, gives your potential renter a clear idea of what your property looks like. 

The only people who will physically come to the apartment are those who are genuinely interested in renting. There is no need to spend a day in a closed apartment hosting tours for unlimited numbers of people. 

Not only are you saving time, but you also are not coming into contact with people you do not know. Those who have “seen” your apartment through your virtual tour will be serious potential renters only.

Focusing on virtual tours to rent an apartment will increase your credibility and create a sense of trust for potential clients. The speed at which your listing can be shared, along with the sense of “seeing” the property will only increase the number of people visiting your site. All from the safety of your own space. It is a win-win for you and your potential client.

This article was contributed to the Rent Manager blog by Rentable, an established apartment marketplace. Learn more about their integration with Rent Manager here.

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