Vendor Payments Just Got a Whole Lot More Affordable

January 27, 2021


Rent Manager

Person holding a credit card making vendor payments on a computer

The long-awaited reset of 2021 is finally here and brings a multitude of growth and innovation possibilities along with it. To celebrate, Rent Manager is offering our customers an opportunity that’s the first of its kind in the property management industry: a no-cost vendor payments solution! Achieve a thriving paperless office, pay your vendors exactly how they want to be paid, and save hours of valuable time by ditching manual check writing with this game-changing system.

Most importantly, you can do it all for no cost.

Instant Vendor Payments

AvidPay—a full-service bill payment software powered by AvidXchange—allows you to pay your suppliers faster with flexible, direct deposit payments. Eliminate the stamps, paperwork, and hours of effort, and gain an advanced and automated paperless system. With this comprehensive solution, your team can review, code, and approve bill payments in a matter of a few clicks. It introduces a whole new level of streamlined simplicity to your workday.

While it’s understandable that each vendor has a specific preferred payment method, accommodating each and every one can be incredibly time consuming—particularly when your company works with a large pool of suppliers and vendors. With this Rent-Manager-integrated resource, any vendor payment headache you’ve experienced in the past is completely removed from your plate.

Accounts Payable Procedures, Built for the New Now

When COVID-19 forced businesses to operate remotely, new challenges arose that severely blurred the boundaries between work and home life. Property management professionals had no choice but to adapt to these abrupt changes, all while trying to maintain an in-office level of quality and responsiveness. With a renewed sense of patience and creativity, as well as a new interpretation of what and where a “workplace” can be, employees everywhere continued to be productive remotely. As remote workspaces continue to be prevalent in 2021, you need a system that allows you to pay your vendors without running to the office to locate checks and stamps. Electronic payments also increase your financial security and greatly reduce potential check fraud risks.

Leverage this innovative accounts payable platform anytime, anyplace and liberate your employees from monotonous accounts payable procedures. Schedule a call today for complete details about no-cost AvidPay!

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