The Keys to Effective and Efficient Communication Via Rent Manager

November 28, 2018


Rent Manager

communication in Rent Manager

Did you know?… There are so many ways to communicate with your tenants from the comfort of your Rent Manager database. Read on to learn about the ease of efficient, customized communication via Rent Manager!

Top Ways Rent Manager Helps with Efficient Communication

Letters and Emails

Through Rent Manager’s built-in Letter Template Manager, you can easily customize your communications by pulling information from your Rent Manager database. Then, you can track every touch-point with your tenants via the software. Create a lease-renewal letter and email, print/mail, or use Virtual Post Office to send your letter—and always remember to save a copy to the tenant’s History/Notes Tab. Not only can you craft individually customized communications, but you can also create batch letters to send a late notice to all overdue accounts. Or, send an email to all tenants at a particular property to make a community-wide announcement.

In your Correspondence Tab—or from your tenant account screen—you can easily compose and send emails via Rent Manager. Pull contacts from your database, attach reports or documents, and save a copy to your History and Notes!

rmVoIP and Phone Broadcast

Sometimes an old-fashioned phone call is the best way to communicate with your tenants. Our integrated phone system, rmVoIP, is the easiest way to utilize telephone communication alongside your Rent Manager database. From call recordings and account screen pops, to easy click-to-call features, your staff will be better equipped to handle anything that comes their way the phone with the rmVoIP system.

To relay important, immediate information with ease, Rent Manager’s Phone Broadcast feature allows you to record and distribute a phone message to selected audiences in just minutes. Announce a road closure or communicate with residents about a power outage. Whatever your message, it’s easy to touch base quickly, right from inside your software, with Phone Broadcast.

Text Messaging

Texting is certainly the preferred method of communication for a vast majority of renters these days. From millennials to grandmothers, just about everyone can send and receive SMS text messages. With Rent Manager, you’re able to craft and deliver your important messages to your contacts with ease. Send a quick update to prospects about move-in specials or check in to see if they have any questions. Send out reminders that rent is due in 5 days—or follow up on late payments.

Whatever you need to say, you can send it instantaneously with Rent Manager 2-Way Text Messaging!

Check out your Rent Manager University account for more information and training on each of the topics covered above, and much more—it’s your one-stop-shop for learning everything you need to know about everything Rent Manager can do to create more efficient communication!

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