Tenant Web Access Updates: Version 12.610

July 24, 2020


Rent Manager

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Tenant Web Access (TWA) is an essential tool that significantly streamlines communication and the collection of receivables. The Rent Manager team is always working to evolve this resource to better serve both your business and your tenant. In the 12.610 update, TWA received a number of upgrades that revamp and customize its payment options. While the tenant-facing interface will largely remain the same, Rent Manager users now have a variety of different options available to them in Financial System Web Preferences. Specifically, our new configuration gives your tenants the option to pay all of their current charges without requiring them to pay future charges.

As your portfolio continues to grow, your software and online portals should follow suit. Check out our TWA Q&A session below and get to know some of the new options available in System Web Preferences.

 In Rent Manager, navigate to Admin > System Web Preferences > Tenant Web Access > Financial.

Tenant Web Access Update Q&A


It looks like ‘Do Not Allow Partial Payments’ is no longer an option in System Web Preferences. Is this setting no longer available?


Yes, this option is still available, it just underwent a name change. Your settings would have automatically adjusted to having the ‘Require payment of’ option selected, along with the ‘Total balance due’ option, which maintains your prior functionality. However, this setting may be more restrictive than needed, especially if you routinely add future charges to your tenants’ accounts. You may want to reevaluate this option and choose what makes the most sense for your business.

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I have several notorious late payers. I just posted my recurring charges, and I want to provide my late-paying tenants the option to pay their current balance, without requiring them to pay next month’s charges, too. Is that an option?


It sure is! We actually have a few different configurations that allow your tenants to pay their current balance without having to pay all of next month’s charges. Two configuration options are listed below, but you can also enable ‘Allow payments over total balance due’ with both options to further expand the payment options.

Option 1:

This setup requires the tenant to pay their entire current balance, while simultaneously giving them the option to pay the Total Balance which would include future charges if they wish. In the example below, the Other Amount can be anywhere from $815 to $1,815.

Option 2:

The below configuration requires the tenant to pay either the entire Total Balance (this includes the future charges you may have recently posted) or the entire Current Balance. In the example below, the tenant must pay $1,815 or $815.

In addition to these changes, there are even more Tenant Web Access features you should be aware of.

Restrict an individual tenant from making Tenant Web Access payments

This is a helpful option if the eviction process has started, but you allow your staff to accept payments under specific conditions.

In Rent Manager, navigate to Rental Info > Tenants > General Tab and check Do Not Allow TWA Payments.

Prevent prospects from making payments in TWA

You can now prevent prospects from making payments in TWA by selecting ‘Exclude from prospects’ on the Make a Payment page setup. Note: this new feature still allows prospects to make a payment while completing their application via Apply Now if applicable

Admin > System Web Preferences > Tenant Web Access > Page Setup

The additions reviewed here are just a portion of what’s available in this release. We recommend reviewing the 12.610 release notes in the F1 Help File for the full list of features and enhancements. Another valuable training resource is Rent Manager University. Click HERE to log in and enter 12.610 in the course search for the Release training videos.

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