Tenant Web Access Personalization: A Tutorial

May 20, 2020


Rent Manager

Woman using Tenant Web Access personalization features on her computer

In this new COVID-19 reality, we are relying on technology for nearly every facet of our lives. As you and your employees have shifted daily operations and communications from face-to-face to digital, your tenants have followed suit. Since the extended shelter-in-place periods have been in effect, Tenant Web Access (TWA) has become a phenomenal resource for renters and property managers alike. TWA safeguards owners and leaseholders by providing tenants a secure location to submit maintenance requests, communicate easily, and most importantly, pay their rent online. This streamlined solution ensures you get paid faster and inherently promotes social distancing. Here, we’ll cover a few ways you can use Tenant Web Access personalization to help your brand stand out. 

Personalize your company’s Tenant Web Access login page with a tailored message

With more people utilizing TWA, we have experienced an upsurge in tenants contacting us for login and payment help. Therefore, we thought it’d be helpful to share how you can use Tenant Web Access personalization in your company’s portal. In a few simple steps, you can customize your Tenant Web Access login page to include a tailored message from your company. This quick modification is a simple way to make sure your renters know how to contact you when they need assistance with TWA.

To adjust your Tenant Web Access login page message:

  • Go to AdminSystem Web Preferences.
  • Expand the “Tenant Web Access” preferences section and select General.
  • In the Login Page Message field, enter the note you’d like your tenants to see. You can also include a hyperlink in your message, if you choose.
  • Click Save to implement your changes.

Once saved, the personalized message will appear at the top of your portal login page.

Provide tenants with TWA setup instructions from the Online Template Library

If any of your tenants are not currently using TWA but have expressed interest in doing so, Rent Manager’s Online Template Library (Admin -> Online Template Library) is full of excellent, easy-to-follow instructions that make TWA setup a breeze.

From there, the TWA Tenant Instructions template can be downloaded and printed or emailed directly to your tenants. Beyond initial setup help, the TWA Tenant Instructions template details how to make payments through the portal, edit banking information, establish automatic payments, submit service requests, and more. This invaluable resource covers all the TWA bases with your tenants so that you don’t have to.

As always, the Rent Manager team remains fully accessible to you. We are devoted to your business success. If your team is experiencing any issues with your online portals, contact our Support team at 800-669-0871 or support@rentmanager.com.

*If you’re a tenant seeking help paying rent or navigating Tenant Web Access (TWA), please contact your property management company. 

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