Save Time and Money with Virtual Post Office

June 9, 2015


Rent Manager

Mail Delivery truck

What is VPO?

Virtual Post Office (VPO) is a Rent Manager® feature that allows property managers to outsource the otherwise time-consuming and expensive process of printing and mailing documents.

In order to cut back on the labor intensive process of mailing invoices, statements, and letters, you can send those documents straight to the Virtual Post Office. Your documents will be printed, put in an envelope, stamped, and shipped for a competitive price.

Why Use VPO?

Virtual Post Office can save you hours of labor that can then be spent completing tasks that deliver a direct return on investment. You and your staff have plenty to do, including property tours, paperwork, accounting tasks, and following up with leads. Why spend your time mailing hundreds of documents when you can easily outsource this work and focus on getting leases signed and making your tenants happy.

How To Set Up VPO

Contact your Rent Manager Sales Representative today to set up your Virtual Post Office account. VPO is paid on a batch-by-batch basis and there is no monthly fee, so you never have to worry about paying for a service you aren’t using.

The affordability of VPO makes this service a great asset to any company, but the time-saving capability of Rent Manager’s Virtual Post Office makes it essential.

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