Rent Manager’s Quarterly Integrations Periodical

February 16, 2022


Rent Manager

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As companies continue to employ technology to personalize their services, Rent Manager is proud to offer a diverse group of integrated technology providers whose innovative tech lets you customize the program to meet your operation’s unique needs. Since our last Quarterly Integrations Periodical, we have added four new integrations, with five more providers on the horizon. Our latest technology partners help streamline rent payments, connect residents with the community around them, increase service levels, and so much more.

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Experian RentBureau® is the largest and most widely used database of rental payment information in the U.S. Property management companies, electronic rental payment processors, and other third parties report rental payment data directly to Experian RentBureau every 24 hours. This detailed rental-payment information enables organizations to make better-informed decisions. Property management companies utilize this data to screen new applicants as a part of their existing screening services.


Obodo is a tenant-focused app created to provide a more personalized and secure experience for renters. Enjoy stress-free housing by finding all the solutions to your property’s needs right in the palm of your hand


Spectrum Utilities is the market leader in the utility submetering and billing space with their submeter system design, installation, maintenance, meter reading, bill printing, and mailings. Leveraging decades of experience and value-added services, they consistently deliver best-of-class solutions. With a full Rent Manager integration, Spectrum Utilities empowers their clients to achieve “maximum utility cost recovery” while minimizing operating expenses and optimizing quality.


The Closing Docs delivers better residents. In just three mouse-clicks, you will receive 100%-bank-verified income data. Enjoy shorter vacancy periods and major efficiency gains when compared to chasing applicants for information. You’ll also say goodbye to pay stub fraud.

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BeSwifty is a multifamily marketing platform designed to remove friction from your daily marketing tasks. Their smart technology allows you to quickly and easily launch and manage your beautiful apartment web designs from a single login.


Liberty Rent is a SaaS B2B analytics company that partners with multifamily property management operations to ensure maximum occupancy without additional risk.


Rent Check is a Canadian-based Credit Bureau specializing in tenant screening services with a comprehensive list of products regarding previous, current, and potential tenants, including credit and tenancy information, for residential and commercial markets.


SingleKey offers a wide range of services, all in one simple solution. Screen residents, run background checks, and rest assured that your rental income and property are protected with their Rent Guarantee.


SHTAR™ is a B2B payment processing solution that interfaces existing accounting software applications with bank payment platforms, streamlining automation and eliminating manual processes for the payor, bank, and payee.

For further information about all of Rent Manager’s available integrations, be sure to visit our Integrations page.

If you’re interested in working with Rent Manager to share your technology with our users, please reach out to our Integrations team.

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