Productive Conversations with Customers

July 23, 2015


Rent Manager


We’ve seen an encouraging new trend in the business world; a trend that’s shifting away from the one-way communication model where corporations bark down a tree at their consumers, and shifting more towards open conversations with product users. As a consumer myself, I find this to be a breath of fresh air. Finally, my say as a consumer can convert into real, tangible change that aligns with my needs and wants.

Now more than ever, there’s a serious need to hone in on what users want most. Companies are faced with the challenge of tailoring products, services, and software to the newly liberated customers who are gladly stepping up to the mic to voice their opinions. In order to genuinely resonate with the customer, organizations have to listen, but more importantly, they must take action.

How is Rent Manager Opening Up These Conversations?

For a software product like Rent Manager®, the support department is a high-volume area in terms of customer relations. It’s crucial to resolve tickets as quickly as possible so users can continue on with their work. As one of our most recent responses to customer feedback, we’ve made a simple alteration to our call-back strategy that has provided exponential change.

Rent Manager’s new support structure allows customers to immediately connect with a support team member to solve fundamental issues. If users face a more sophisticated problem, the call will reach a personal expert ready to assist.

The ripple effects from just a few adjustments are a direct result of listening to our customers and taking action. We’re continuing to innovate, and we’re excited about the efficiency we can offer our users so they are best equipped to make the most of Rent Manager.

This example is just one of the many ways Rent Manager seeks to serve its users. As the business world shifts, we promise to continue rising to the occasion and keeping our ear to the ground.

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