Phone and Text Broadcasting: Simplifying Communication

August 3, 2015


Kelsie Foster

Infographic Broadcasting

Communication is a vital aspect of property management. On any given day you may need to reach a handful, hundreds, or even thousands of contacts. Don’t let sending out a message take up your entire day, streamline your messaging processes with Rent Manager’s Phone and Text Broadcasting services.

How Broadcasting Works

When you send a broadcast message, Rent Manager distributes your outgoing communication to all of the phone numbers on the selected contact list. The broadcast is simultaneously documented for each listed phone number in your Rent Manager records.

Introducing Text Broadcast

And now, our broadcasting features reach beyond voice messaging in RM12. With the newest version of Rent Manager, you can quickly send text messages to hundreds of contacts at once via our Text Broadcast service!

What you can do with Phone and Text Broadcasting

  • Record and send messages to selected phone numbers, either immediately or at a scheduled date and time.
  • Use shortcuts and filters within Rent Manager to quickly select phone numbers within Customer, Prospect, Owner, Vendor, and Property records.
  • Create custom contact lists to send any message to a specified group of people.
  • Manually add phone numbers to the broadcast list, including numbers not entered in Rent Manager.
  • Keep documented records of each message in Rent Manager, and create a portfolio for repeated use.

With Text and Phone Broadcast from Rent Manager, you can get your messages out when it counts and have more time to dedicate to improving your business.

For further details and pricing about Rent Manager’s Broadcast services, contact your sales representative at 800-669-0871 or

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