New to ePay: Scan Money Orders!

January 21, 2014


Erin Hooper

PayLease logo and how they process scanned money orders

Did you know you can scan checks and money orders in Rent Manager® for speedy, accurate ePay processing?

By using the Rent Manager check scanner and PayLease as your electronic payment service provider, you have the ability to quickly scan checks and money orders and convert them to electronic transactions. This eliminates trips to the bank and reduces bookkeeping errors.

Each scanned item integrates seamlessly into Rent Manager, enabling you to see all of your electronic payments in real-time. Additionally, a digital image of each check/money order is attached to the corresponding payment transaction and in the History/Notes tab in Rent Manager. It’s a complete, secure system from start to finish.

Once you’ve got the check scanner and register with PayLease, it’s as easy as…

  1. Receive a paper check/money order
  2. Open Rent Manager/Rent Manager Online
  3. Scan the check/money order

And voila, PayLease deposits the funds into your designated bank account and the transaction is recorded in Rent Manager!

Edited PayLease Image2

Start scanning today – contact your Rent Manager sales representative at 800-669-0871, or email!

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