Start Scheduling Summer Fun with the Community Calendar

June 1, 2022


Rent Manager

Young adults enjoying a BBQ outside

Pool season and outdoor events are in full swing! An incredibly busy August lies ahead—people are eager to soak up the second half of summer. With Rent Manager’s built-in planning tools, including our Community Calendar and Polls* features, you can organize and execute events your residents are sure to look forward to. Easily gather resident suggestions for community activities, keep your tenants in-the-know about all the latest happenings at your property, and display your available and reserved amenities and facilities, all without leaving Rent Manager!

Generate Community Events Ideas with Polls

Ensure every event is a hit by requesting suggestions and attendance information directly from the source—your residents! Gather responses about the type of community events residents like best and even solicit RSVPs to confirm your headcount. Create custom online polls that can be completed by your renters in their Tenant Web Access (TWA) portal. Allow residents to pick from a multiple-choice list of event ideas, or have them write in their own suggestions. Once your poll is complete, you can view and save the responses and get busy planning!

Curate Your Community Calendar

After you’ve chosen which events you’ll host, you need to get the word out. Easily display all the activities you have planned on the Community Calendar. Select a date, time, event name, and description for your residents to view and to add to their summer events list.

Rent Manager’s Community Calendar allows you to easily add and share your planned gatherings with tenants. Once set up, the calendar will populate in your residents’ TWA Portal.* Navigate to Services > Community Calendars to get started and add your first event.

New Amenity Reservations

If your property offers amenities that your renters can reserve, such as a clubhouse or a meeting space, the Reservable Amenities feature in Rent Manager enables you to establish an internal calendar that conveniently keeps track of all reservations. Amenity reservations appear on the Community Calendar within your Rent Manager database—keeping everything in one central location. Residents who use TWA can book their own times to use these resources and your team simply approves or declines each request in Rent Manager. And to avoid cluttered calendars and renter confusion, each amenity has its own schedule in each tenant’s online portal.

Event Ideas to Kick Off Your Summer

Rent Manager has all the tools you need to plan and share summer activities, all you have to do is come up with an idea! Here are some summer-centric event suggestions.

Host a Yappy Hour. There’s no conversation starter quite like an adorable pup trotting up to you for some love. Appoint a time and place where residents can bring their own beverages and enjoy some shared time outside.

-Food Truck Friday. Easy to coordinate and a perpetual crowd-pleaser, food trucks are happiness on wheels. Invite favorite gourmet vendors to visit your property on Friday evenings to jumpstart the weekend. Doing so encourages residents to support local businesses and requires little-to-no time investment on your end.

Outdoor Fitness Classes. Boutique fitness memberships are often expensive, so consider bringing the experience of a studio workout to your residents while simultaneously offering teaching opportunities to local instructors.

The best way to ensure resident participation in community events is to host events based on their preferences. By creating a Community Calendar that reflects your renters’ interests, you can create a memorable summer for everyone!

*To learn more about these Rent Manager features, press the F1 key in your Rent Manager database to access the Help File.

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