Start Scheduling Summer Fun with the Community Calendar

May 12, 2021


Sam Shannon

Young adults enjoying a BBQ outside

There’s a renewed sense of levity and hope in the air as we continue working toward pre-pandemic normalcy. With flowers blooming and pool season on the horizon, it’s time to start reintroducing summer events to your residents. Warmer weather, coupled with increased vaccination rates, will make for an incredibly busy summer as people are eager to get outside and make new memories with their friends, family, and neighbors.

With Rent Manager’s brand-new Community Calendar* feature, you can keep your tenants in-the-know about all the latest happenings at your property, as well as display your available and reserved amenities and facilities.

New Amenity Reservations

If your property offers amenities that your tenants can reserve, such as a clubhouse or a meeting space, the Reservable Amenities feature in Rent Manager allows you to establish an internal calendar to conveniently keep track of those reservations. Amenity reservations appear on the community calendar with in your Rent Manager database—keeping everything is in one central location. Tenants who use TWA can book their own times to use these amenities, and your team simply approves or declines the request from within Rent Manager. To avoid cluttered calendars and confusion for your residents, each amenity has its own calendar in each tenant’s online portal.

Additionally, your team can display all of the events you have planned on the Community Calendar. Select a date, time, event name, and description for your residents to view and start getting excited for. Whatever your planned activities, Rent Manager’s Community Calendar allows you to easily add and share your events with residents. Once set up, the Community Calendar will populate in your residents’ Tenant Web Access (TWA) portal.* Navigate to Services > Community Calendars to get started and add your first event.

Curate Your Community Calendar

Hosting events can create harmony among your tenants. After a year of being mostly housebound and feeling disconnected, reigniting a spirit of togetherness is vital. Ease in with a few events that require minimal planning and funding while reacquainting your residents with one another.

Yappy Hour

Make use of outdoor common spaces and host your residents and their furry companions for a Yappy Hour. There’s no conversation starter quite like an adorable pup trotting up to you for some love. Allow residents to bring their own beverages and enjoy some long-awaited shared time outside.

Food Truck Friday

Easy to coordinate and full of delicious food, food trucks are happiness on wheels. Invite food trucks to visit your property on Friday evenings to jumpstart the weekend. It encourages residents to support local business and requires little-to-no time investment on your end.

Outdoor Fitness Classes

Offering outdoor fitness classes at a reduced cost can be a huge draw for residents. After working out in confined living-room spaces, your renters are probably looking forward to being in a group fitness setting again. Additionally, boutique fitness memberships are often expensive. Bring the experience of a quality workout to your residents and offer teaching opportunities to local instructors.

The “better days” everyone longed for last summer are finally here! Celebrate summertime and encourage your residents to participate in all your community has to offer.

*To learn more about these Rent Manager features, press the F1 key in your Rent Manager database to access the Help File.

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