NDT is Now rmVoIP

September 2, 2015


Rent Manager


Judging by the title of this article, it may appear that we’ve taken a dip into some alphabet soup. No, we’re not trying to confuse you with a slew of vowels and consonants. Rather, we are here to inform you of a recent name change to one of Rent Manager’s most innovative products.

What you have come to know as the NDT VoIP Integrated Phone System has been renamed rmVoIP. This change comes at a time when we are simplifying product descriptions and encouraging more continuity between features.

While Rent Manager® has rebranded this industry-first product offering, the functionality and ease of use has not changed.

The advanced communication of rmVoIP gives users a full-bodied telephone system that syncs to their Rent Manager databases. When a call is received, rmVoIP’s caller ID capabilities let office personnel know who is on the other end of the line. The system then automatically pulls up the caller’s customer, vendor, or owner window in Rent Manager, allowing them to automatically update information, create service issues, check payment histories, or simply provide background on who is calling.

rmVoIP also records all phone conversations, giving users the ability to monitor quality assurance and keep detailed phone records. The system also converts voicemail messages to e-mails for added convenience.

Because property management professionals use their phones to coordinate so much of the work they do, it’s an incredible advantage to have a phone system that’s not only reliable, but that also assures records are kept with the exact detail.

To get better acquainted with rmVoIP, watch this short video.

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