Maintenance Solutions from the Beyond Rent Podcast

May 8, 2024


Vanessa Perry

Tool bag to represent maintenance-related episodes on Beyond Rent podcast

April showers bring May flowers… and the realization that you still haven’t started your spring maintenance tasks! While these projects can be overwhelming, they don’t have to be. Completing them now can save you time and costly repairs in the future. Coming up on its 100th episode, Rent Manager’s podcast—Beyond Rent—delivers some expert maintenance-solution suggestions to improve your overall process. Here are several maintenance-related episodes guaranteed to help this season.

Maintenance Solutions from Beyond Rent

Reducing Capital Expenses with Effective Tree Management

When not maintained properly, trees can cause big problems for a property. Nick Lefke of National Professional Services shares why having a proactive approach to tree management can help evenly distribute expenses and conserve costs over time.

Applying a Preventative Maintenance Mindset to Your Parking Lots

An expert in pavement upkeep, John Evans of EverLine reveals how applying preventative maintenance strategies to your parking lots can have a huge impact on the financial health of your property, while improving curb appeal and safety.

Achieving Maintenance Excellence

With increasing costs and labor-related challenges, maintenance continues to be a hot topic in property management. Ray Hespen of Property Meld shares his insights on maintenance administration and introduces the company’s Ladder of Maintenance Excellence—what it means and how to use it.

Better Outcomes with a Pest Control Strategy

While most properties are reactive to pest issues, forward-looking property managers already have a pest-remediation plan in place. Landon Cooley of Pest Share reveals why implementing a technology-based pest-control solution produces the best outcome for everyone involved.

Maximizing the Value of a Maintenance Agreement

Maintenance agreements ensure that when equipment stops working, low-cost repairs are handled quickly. However, these agreements may not provide the level of coverage you expect. Ashleigh Wilson of AuditMate shares how to get the most from your maintenance agreement.

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